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Dried Cantaloupe by Uncle Herbs

Dried Cantaloupe | 100mg THC Uncle Herbs | Where: AZ Dispensaries

My initial thought was, well… These are different. Usually when we think of edibles we think of sweets like brownies, gummies and candies and things of that nature. It’s actually kind of expected and really that’s one thing that strays me away from edibles. I love the effects that edibles give when they work but I don’t always want to have to eat candy or pastry to receive those effects. Being a dried fruit you know these are already a healthier option than the usual edible. Not really sure on how the infusion takes place but although there is a slight medicine taste it is not overbearing and seems to blend well with the melon flavor. The effects were like most edibles, a bit more sedative but then again I have a habit of eating 100s of mgs at a time. Definitely would try these again as well as any other dried fruit options that may become available. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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