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Cotton Swabs by Glob Mops

Cotton Swabs | $5.99 Glob Mops | Smokie’s Smokeshop

After dropping a dab onto the nail or into your bucket once the THC and Terpenes have been released you’re left with a dark waxy puddle. You might be asking yourself how do you clean this up. Keeping your piece clean after every use is vital to overall quality and long term use of the quartz. Glob Mops prevent oxidation and torching your piece which will wear down the quartz quality. These swabs made with wooden sticks for durability are designed with a pointed cotton edge cleaner and bubble cotton swab end to get down into the hard to clean areas of the banger or nail and absorb the remaining oil following your dab. Definitely get yourself some glob mops to keep your nails fresh. Reviewed by Arturo Delgado.

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