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Chicken Coop: The Vape Co

My name is Stoney Chicken. I am a country kid who loves everything about cannabis!  I grew up in northern California and have spent the last 10 years learning all that I could about cannabis and the cannabis community. Growing up in the mountains of NorCal meant growing up poor and making due with what you had. We had ourselves to rely on and because of that I am a jack of all trades. I went to college and became a firefighter and welder. I worked my hardest to always strive for the best. Little did I know that Cannabis was the key to my success.

So, I really hate traffic!  After a long drive with no GPS (since my phone took a shit) through  a gauntlet of idiot drivers and multiple phone calls to my friend Johnny, I finally get to his store!

I’m relieved to a see my buddy and his glorious beard standing outside the store smoking a cigarette. Johnny who I met at The Private Sector is easy to spot with his man like beard which puts my amazing chops to shame!

Once inside, he shows me around the store and tells me about the different products they offer.Johnny works For The Vape Co and GDI.  This store is amazing! They have everything you can imagine for your vaping or enail needs. I felt like a kid in a candy store walking around looking at all the goodies.

I immediately see a bunch of products I can’t wait to get my hands on and review.  I quickly restrain myself and focus on the task at hand.

Angelo the owner of The Vape Co and GDI showed me the OMEGA cartridge and the Dab Magic, the items we would be using to make my own cartridges.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about using a cutting agent to thin down my concentrates to put into a cartridge.  

Angelo explained the difference between PG and PEG. Apparently the quality of the products they put into Dab Magic are unmatched and by using top shelf products they ensure a quality product for the consumer. They use a custom proprietary liquid along with PEG manufactured by Dow Corning in Texas. The liquid is 100% safe and has multiple uses.

Angelo then showed me the cartridges we would be using to load my concentrates into. The OMEGA Core is The Vape CO’s patented disposable cartridge. This cartridge is so durable  that one can even reuse it if they want.

We decided to use some OG Tange Shatter I had on hand from 50 Shades of Gold. We collected 5.5 grams and set it aside. Angelo added 7 ml (half the bottle) to a Pyrex dish and heated it up in the microwave. The heat time changes depending on how much Dab Magic you are using.

After heating it up he added the OG to the DabMagic and started mixing it.  The shatter melted in almost right away and became this amazing gold looking syrup. The Dab magic comes with an eye dropper and it works great to mix your concentrates and then suck them up to be put into the OMEGA cartridge.

Angelo explained that in a large batch it is wise to let it set up after mixing before you start filling cartridges but is not necessary.

The cartridges we are using are the OMEGA Core  cartridge from TheVapeCo. This cartridge is a beast. It has a metal design, fill line and even an air flow adjuster.

After mixing the concentrates Angelo sucked them up with the dropper and started filling the cartridges. After adding the product and letting them sit for a quick second he put the tips on and screwed them together.  

We used 5.5 grams of concentrates and 7 ml of dab magic. We were able to fill 15 1 gram cartridges with the glorious gold goo.  We grabbed a battery and fired up the brand new 50 shades of gold cartridge. I was shocked at how fast it hit me. Like a freight train from left field I was immediately slant eyed.    This product impressed the hell out of me. Not only did it work well but it is so easy that anyone can do it.

The Break Down:    

Product – Dab Magic

                  OMEGA cartridge

Company – The Vape Co.


People – Angelo and Johnny

What it is – Dab Magic is a medical Grade PEG and custom proprietary liquid that is 100% safe for consumption.  Does not solidify or crystallize and comes in 4 different flavors. Blueberry, pineapple, mango and unflavored. It is sold in 15 ml bottles all the way up to 1 gallon jugs and starts out at $17.95. TheVapeCo offers whole sale prices as well. They will be coming out with a starter kit soon that has everything you need to start making your own cartridges. For more info hit up Angelo and Johnny at or for all of your vaping and enail needs.

Conclusion –   I try to look at products from multiple view points. The consumer, the pot head, the grower and the small business owner.  With that being said I really feel like this product is great for anyone who wants to make their own cartridges.

It’s easy to do and the end product is on point. I made sure to let everyone try the cartridge we made and everyone liked it.  Not only did it get you completely medicated but it was so simple to use.

If you are interested in making your own cartridges hit the boys up at The Vape Co and tell them Stoneychicken sent you !

For more from Stoney’s Chicken Coop, click here.


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