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Boundless Tech

In today’s world, we all want to be free. We all want to do what we want, but we are BOUND by rules and laws. Everywhere we turn we have someone or some sign saying stop here, don’t go there, no smoking, no shoes no shirt no pants no service… You know what else we are BOUND by? We are BOUND by some of the products in the cannabis industry. We are BOUND to pay too much. We are BOUND to go through multiple products finding what’s perfect for us. Don’t be BOUND!

We live in an amazing world where well yes we have rules and laws but most importantly we have choices. We have options. We have some who truly care about us! We Have BNDLSTECH, a newer company that is truly changing the game. No more being BOUND, it’s time to be BOUNDLESS with BNDLSTECH.

When I was at Champs Vegas this past February pre-covid I was hanging out with my brother and well known comedian Stoner Rob. We were running around chatting it up when he introduced me to this company I had never seen. They hand me a torchless dab straw and said “Here, try this.” With no button push, just an inhale, it was ripping and ripping hard too. Before I exhaled, I knew I found something I loved. This device was called the Terp Pen XL. I travel a ton and need my medication. This Terp Pen XL quickly became my new best travel buddy. I have had several other torchless dab straws and well, I haven’t been impressed. Company after company they broke, they clogged, they cost too much. So after 5 months of heavy use on the Terp Pen XL, I was truly satisfied. It survived ounces of wax, 1000 of miles of travel, tons of drops, and is still kicking ass. No clogging, no breaking and so affordable. I had to reach out and find one of the owners to chat with and share this with all of The Cannabis Cactus Family. I asked some questions and got some amazing insight, knowledge, and true passion.

Name Eric Chavez Age 29 Company Position VP Marketing February 2016 – June 2020; Director of Product Development June 2020 – Present

Why did BNDLSTECH focus on vape products?

Initially, our main focus was to educate the community on alternatives to combustion. The most common method that cannabis users consume is through combustion, which includes smoking a joint, blunt, dry pipe, or water pipe. This can cause throat irritation, phlegm build-up, tar, and unattractive smells. Not only were we focused on eliminating cannabis combustion but also tobacco combustion as we released units for dry cannabis flower and nicotine e-liquids. I and a few other members of the team had recently quit smoking cigarettes and were determined to stay with it and not go back. After the first year, we dropped the ecig line of units and began to heavily focus on vaporizer products. The industry changed rapidly with cannabis legalization gaining traction internationally and the FDA crack-down on e-cig devices. We choose to invest in different herb heating technology such as convection and conduction units while also developing a line of concentrate only devices. We believe in the cannabis community and want to improve on technology to help users make the most out of their product. It is important for us to release efficient devices at an affordable price point with quality customer service and attentiveness to the customer.

What are some of your personal favorite BndlsTech products and why?

My favorite product at the moment is the Terp Pen. The Terp Pen is a breath activated pen-shaped vaporizer that allows users to microdose concentrate. A heating element is activated by inhaling through the mouthpiece. When the user takes a breath, the ceramic element gets hot and the user can then either apply the concentrate to the ceramic element with a dab tool or they can lightly dip the heating element into their choice of extract. The Tera is my second favorite Boundless product. This unit is our premier device and features all the accessories in the box as well as two removable 18650 batteries for extended battery life. At the moment it is our most technically advanced unit that runs off of convection heating. I personally love using this unit with the water pipe adapter and it can produce some massive clouds that are very flavorful through this method. An honorable mention goes to the CFX. This unit has been on the market since 2016 and excels at vaporizing flower. It can be used for low-temperature concentrate hits as well and is one of the fastest heating cannabis vaporizers on the market. Two types of heating elements, conduction, and convection, are featured in the CFX which allows for the fast heat-up time and big flavorful clouds. It also has two different ways to charge, direct DC fast charge or micro USB standard charge. We look forward to releasing a version 2 of this unit later in the year.

I’ve noticed the price point is great. Why is that important for you and for the company?

Price point is one of the main factors in why joints, blunts, and pipes are the most common smoking apparatuses. We realize that our technology can never get down to those prices but will do our best. The community should have a fair chance at obtaining this technology at the lowest price possible and we base our pricing on this belief. There are similar units out on the market that go for double the amount of our units and feel that this is unfair to the community. We need to make these products available to the common cannabis user and patients worldwide. As users of the products ourselves, we understand that cannabis isn’t cheap and will do our best at offering affordable products with this in mind.

Where will BndlsTech be in 5 years? In 10 years?

Our team at Boundless Technology believes that we will be a major player in the cannabis vaporizer industry in the next 5 years. We look to companies like Storz & Bickel, PAX, and GPen as the current industry leaders and feel like we can join their ranks if we keep pushing new innovative technology. In 10 years, we would like to be the leader in the cannabis vaporizer industry and hope to develop units for the medical and research industries. As more countries become legal, there are more opportunities for researching cannabis. Vaporization technology can aid in this as it is one of the best methods to study dosage and effects without any byproducts of combustion.

How has BndlsTech adapted to this whole chaos of covid 19?

Through this hard time, we are very fortunate to have the internet to keep our team connected and our retail site running. Our team was able to work remotely and also stay connected to our community via Instagram Live. Social media has been a huge help to us during these past few months and I feel that the entire cannabis community grew closer together. We have received a lot of positive comments for staying open and hope that we can be of help to those that rely on cannabis.

What’s your next big release or news?

Our next release will be the next iteration to the Terp Pen, the Terp Pen XL. It is a larger version of our current Terp Pen unit and will feature variable voltage, new heating elements, and a 14mm tapered mouthpiece for water filtration function out the box. With this release, we will also be coming out with new heating elements for the Terp Pen as the coils will be interchangeable for both devices.

Who is the key team for BndlsTech?

Our social media community plays a big part in our success. We first started live streaming on YouTube and have since moved our live streams to Instagram due to YouTube being anti-cannabis. The community keeps us going and their input is greatly valued and heard with iterations to our designs and upgrades. You can follow us and stay connected through our social media handle @BndlsTech across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Special thanks to Shane for inviting us to do this and his support in our Terp Pen XL. Another special thanks to Champs Trade show for giving us the platform to connect with wonderful people in this industry. We hope to get back to these trade shows soon as it allows like-minded individuals to connect and grow together.

Shane Stanford is a dank dad living in New Mexico. Read more of his articles and follow him on Instagram @NMBeardedMan


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