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Black Cherry Garlic

Black Cherry Garlic | Home Grown flower @thegreen_container | Where: NFS

It’s really nice to see locals taking advantage of the laws set in place for recreational cannabis last year. It’s even nicer to see these locals produce such fine cannabis. I had the pleasure of meeting @thegreen_container at a couple seshs recently and was blessed to be gifted some of his amazing flowers. The Black Cherry Garlic was not only a looker but the smell, flavor and effects truly made this the whole package. Opening the bag I was with with an uppercut of sweet candy and fruit followed by a slight odor of garlic. The nugs were so purple, resinous and beautiful. The smell changed to pure sweet candy with a hint of fruit on the breakdown and absolutely no garlic left. The flavor was similar to a grape but a bit more tart with just the slightest hint of garlic reemerging on the backend of the exhale. Truly a unique smoke that you just don’t find everyday. The effects were strong but well balanced if you ever get a chance to enjoy this strain it really doesn’t matter the time of the day just smoke away. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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