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Bear Rootz | Quartz Vapes

Bear Rootz

Bear Rootz | Quartz Vapes

This month, we wanted to show off this new hardware that is changing the market for vape companies. Just like dabbing accessories went through an evolution of steel glass ceramic quartz so is The vape cartridge market. Bear Rootz is a market leader whose cartridge hardware comes in standard threads and also custom pods, all made from quartz. The quartz technology is patented and exclusive to provide a more flavorful vapor than traditional ceramic atomizers can. Quartz is a superior conductor of energy and it creates an even heated surface for true vapor flavor. This even heating surface helps prevent the wick from flaking or breaking down, changing the color of the cannabis oil and degrading its flavor. Look for your favorite vape company to start using quartz hardware for better flavor and longer-lasting cartridges. Thank you to Bear Rootz for introducing us to the quality of a quartz cartridge versus glass or ceramic.



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