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Apollo 710 Pod System

It’s finally here: the highly anticipated Apollo 710 pod vape by Item 9 labs dropped at the end of August. I had the absolute pleasure of putting this system to the test with the help of an indica and hybrid live resin medicated pod. The day after picking up the device I was off on a week long trip in a not-so-cannabis-friendly state, and this vape was my primary method of medicating during my travels. I put this little beauty through the ringer and I was very pleased with its performance and the medicating experience the Apollo 710 provides.

The presentation of the machine itself was beautiful and well thought out. The unboxing experience was reminiscent of opening an Apple device (or other high end luxury device of your choosing if you’re an Apple hater); just unwrap the plastic and pull out the slide insert which reveals the sleek, future-esq battery of the Apollo with an instruction card and a charger neatly packaged under the insert. The design of the pen itself is sexy: a slim black battery encased in metal that stands about four inches tall and fits perfectly and discreetly in the palm of your hand. This was my first pod system experience but I quickly fell in love with how easy it was to pop one pod out for another to quickly adapt to my medicating needs. The user experience with this pod system is really stellar: the Apollo 710 offers three different temperature settings as well as a preheat feature. Simply tap the button on bottom 3 times to preheat the ceramic coil (the real star of the show) which ensures a strong, smooth, flavorful first hit as you warm up your vape for consumption. The cherry on top for me has to be the little rocket graphic on the back of the metal casing right above the flame shaped indicator light which makes it look like the rocket is blasting off with each hit. As soon as you use the device it’s quite clear the team at Item 9 put a ton of thought and intention into this design and it delivers for the patients big time providing a delightful medicating experience.


In addition to it’s debonair appearance, the Apollo 710 delivers a flavor that is out of this world (pun absolutely intended). I was really impressed with the taste of each draw. The size of draw and flavor of the oil was consistent throughout the entire vaping experience. The various heat options help you dial in your preference for draw size and flavor potency and, unlike some vape systems I’ve tried with varying temperature settings, I could discern clear differences in the vaping experience from one setting to the next. I found the stone from these medicated pods to be delightful and reliably consistent. They hybrid was a really nice balance which left me a nice cerebral high with a nice dose of body high in the mix; it was great to hit before a run or an activity and definitely before a meal. The indica provided strong relaxation and body relief which was everything I needed in the midst of seven days of living out of a suitcase, staying in three different cities, a two hour time difference, seeing both sides of the family, and staying up way later than I should every night on top of not getting to sleep in my own bed. I’m pretty particular about my sleeping routines/ accommodations which usually result in terrible sleep on busy trips, but a few draws of the indica pod had my body relaxed and ready to rest.

All in all the user experience for both the machine itself and the cannabis product rate very high for me. While the Apollo 710 is a new addition to my medicated collection, it quickly has found a place in my regular medicating routine. I really appreciate the thought and care that the Item 9 crew put into developing this product for their patients. If you’re looking for a flavorful, discrete, easy to use vaping experience with a consistent stone, you should definitely give the Apollo 710 a try. This being my first pod system experience I think the bar has been set pretty high. I’m excited to see more from Item 9 Labs and to see how pod systems continue to improve the cannabis vaping experience.


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