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Align Print

Andrew Pierson is the proud owner of Align Print, formerly known as The Heady Culture, a successful printing company that has been providing top-quality packaging solutions to businesses for over a decade. When starting The Heady Culture, he realized the need for high-quality packaging solutions for cannabis products to ensure top quality, safety, and freshness, while making strides towards eco-friendly options and reducing waste.

With his experience in branding and design, Andrew brought a unique perspective to the packaging industry, which has always helped Align Print stand out from the competition. He leveraged his knowledge of the cannabis industry to create custom packaging solutions that were not only functional, but also visually appealing and aligned with the brand identity of their clients.

The transition from The Heady Culture to Align Print was a natural progression as the company matured and expanded its offerings. Today, Align Print continues to provide custom packaging solutions to cannabis businesses around the world. Andrew's experience and entrepreneurial spirit has helped him build a successful business that is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each of their clients. We were able to speak with him about the rebrand from The Heady Culture to Align Print, the challenges of cannabis packaging, and what customers should keep their eyes open for.

Tell me a bit about Align Print, and what you do.

At Align Print, we offer custom print and packaging solutions with end-to-end service. Our goal and focus is to help our clients find packaging for their products that’s the best possible fit at the best possible price. There’s a few different steps involved in this process, so working collaboratively and getting to know our client’s goals and what they want to accomplish through their packaging is extremely important to us. From the design and planning side where we pick specialty finishes and materials, to the pricing side where we get the cost as low as possible while maintaining the highest quality, we offer solutions from start to finish to help our clients get awesome packaging for their products.

Align Print recently made the transition from The Heady Culture. Why did you decide to rebrand your company after so many years?

The decision to rebrand from The Heady Culture to Align Print was driven by our evolution as a company. When I started The Heady Culture, I had so much to learn about both the printing world and the constantly-changing cannabis industry. Throughout the years The Heady Culture evolved from an entrepreneurial college student trying to find his place in the industry, to a team of skilled and passionate professionals trying to make a difference in the crossover between cannabis and print. As we grew, we recognized the need for a brand identity that embodies and reflects our drive, passion, professionalism, and commitment. Align Print is the result of that evolution, and we're thrilled with the new direction and brand identity.

Since the rebrand, what things are different, and what things remain the same?

We've continued to provide the same exceptional printing services that our clients have come to expect from us. What's different now is that we've expanded our line of eco-friendly packaging options. We recognize the importance of sustainability and are always striving to offer more environmentally conscious options to our clients. We're also constantly exploring new printing technologies and techniques to improve our offerings.

What are the challenges of being a cannabis packaging company?

One of the biggest challenges is dealing with the excessive waste that is often produced in the industry due to strict regulations. It's important for us to not only comply with these regulations, but also be conscious of our impact on the environment. At Align Print, we recognize the importance of reducing waste and have made it our mission to promote eco-friendly printing initiatives. By offering a wide range of eco-friendly packaging options, we aim to help our clients cut down on excessive waste while also maintaining the high-quality packaging that they need to stand out in the industry. It's a challenge, but we're committed to doing our part in creating a more sustainable future for the cannabis industry.

And the rewards?

There are a lot of rewarding aspects to operating a cannabis packaging company. We love working with innovative brands and helping them bring their visions to life. It's incredibly satisfying to see our clients' products on dispensary shelves and know that we played a role in their success. Another very rewarding aspect of what we do is getting to promoting sustainability in the industry and doing our part to reduce waste.

As you mentioned, eco-friendly packaging is an extremely important thing for cannabis brands, as they try to cut down on excessive waste that is often a part of the industry due to regulations. You have lots of eco-friendly options; can you tell us about them?

We offer a wide range of eco-friendly packaging options, including biodegradable and compostable materials, recycled paper, recycled glass, reclaimed ocean bound plastics, hemp papers and plastics, water-based inks, and soy-based inks. We're always looking for new ways to reduce waste and improve sustainability in the cannabis industry. Our goal is to make it easy for our clients to make environmentally conscious choices without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.

What sets Align Print apart from other packaging and printing companies?

What sets Align Print apart is that we're not your average print company - we're here to make packaging and print cool and exciting for our clients, all while striving for more sustainability in an industry that really needs it. It's important to us that our clients feel supported by us in achieving their goals, which is why we always say that packaging is a collaborative process. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and going above and beyond to meet their needs. Printing and packaging doesn't have to be a boring, automated process of uploading files and clicking a "place order" button. It can be creative, inspiring, fun, and make a difference for our planet - that's what Align Print hopes to achieve by setting ourselves apart from other print companies.

What should consumers look for in cannabis packaging when making a purchase? (for ensuring freshness and quality, etc) What are external signs of quality packaging?

When it comes to purchasing cannabis products, we encourage consumers to look for packaging that will maintain the quality of their products and keep them as fresh as possible. One key external sign of quality packaging is that it is airtight and odor-proof, which can help prevent moisture and outside air from compromising the product's quality.

Additionally, packaging with child-resistant features is extremely important to ensure safety and compliance with regulations. Consumers should also look for packaging that's made of high-quality materials that are designed to protect the product from physical damage during transport and handling. At Align Print, we offer a variety of packaging options that meet these criteria while also being visually appealing and eco-friendly.

Where can prospective clients find and contact you?

If you are looking for packaging or promotional items for your brand head over to our website at, where you can explore our services and get in touch with us to request a quote or discuss your custom printing needs.

Tell me about the ways Align Print is involved with the cannabis community.

One thing that's important to us is giving back to the community. We're proud to support organizations that promote sustainability and social justice, and we're always looking for ways to make a positive impact. Align Print isn't just about printing and packaging - we're here to build connections and help those in our community reach their goals. We're excited to continue growing and evolving as a company, and we're grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the thriving cannabis industry.

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