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Zkittles Mints by Mohave Reserve

Zkittles Mints | Pre Packaged 8th Mohave Reserve | Where: Debbie’s Dispensary

I love some good weed from good people and this Zkittles Mints from Mohave available at Debbies and various other dispensaries throughout the valley is exactly that.This cross of Zkittles and Sin Mint Cookies provides a nice creamy gassy scent and flavor with hints of fruit. Relaxing for the body but cerebrally uplifting this strain is perfect to help relax but get the creative juices flowing that may help with work or even crafts and odd jobs around the house at a relaxed pace. I myself found this a perfect strain to help me kick back, relax and binge watch some SOA again while chowing down on some munchies. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.



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