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Wiretap-One-Shots: Peer Pressure

Allie had an uncle who was in business back before it was legal, he grew his own and loved his niece. So naturally in college, she was the connection and everybody bought their weed from her. Everyone except her good friend Cassie, who might be described as a bit of a loner, a rebel, a nerd. Allie and Cassie had always been close growing up but a love of cannabis was not something they shared. Allie never pushed past offering to invite Cassie over to partake. Cassie always said “no thank you”, never passed judgement, and always politely left before anything happened. They remained great friends since high school where they would run in different circles but always carried the strong bonds of friendship until college. Cassie was never the type going to any parties or school functions, but she has always wanted to. This finally changed in freshman year, Cassie came to Allie during lunch with a problem that only she could solve.

Allie told me “Cassie found me in the cafeteria and demanded I come eat outside so she could talk to me.” Allie found out that Cassie and her crush were able to talk a bit and she asked what he had planned over the weekend. Cassie’s crush relayed that he was going to get some weed and see a concert. Allie asked why that matters, and Cassie responded “This might be my way to connect with him, and I already told him that I love pot, I do it all the time!” Allie makes it clear how annoyed she was then, but still carried a bit of excitement because her friend had asked if she could introduce her to weed! Thrilled at the prospect of having her best friend also being a stoner, Allie tells Cassie to come over that evening after school. Allie being a professional, had to decide what the best way to introduce weed for the first time to her friend. Cassie was a bit naive, so Allie had to introduce her the right way so she didn’t get too high and knew what to do.

The two friends met after their day ended, and were on their way to Allie’s to get high. Cassie gushed about her soon-to-be new hobby, and Allie worked to calm her down, reminding her friend how sheltered she is. Allie tells me “Cassie was geeking hard, and when I asked her what her experience with weed was?” Cassie replied “just what we learned in elementary school, the DARE program”. The two arrive at Allie’s apartment, where Allie opens the towel closet in the hall to reveal her altar, and a mighty headstash. A plethora of large mason jars near the top hold the buffet of strains. Acapulco Gold, Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and countless others formed the backstock of thick, smelly buds. Allie being the guru tells Cassie “Let’s get you to start smelling the jars to see what interests you, if it makes your stomach growl, it’s good!” and the friends begin to decide. After going over every flavor and effect of the available strains, Cassie seemed daunted by the selection.

To calm her friend down, Allie began to explain how to break up the buds, but that’s when Cassie became overwhelmed. She runs to the bathroom beginning to cry as she gets up, and Allie follows closely behind, asking what’s wrong. Cassie tells her “this is all so much, and now I’m not even sure that I want to because I know people sometimes have bad experiences! I just don’t want to ruin my life over some silly boy!” Allie laughed, and told her friend “Then do it for you, you’re gonna love weed because it calms the nerves, improves creativity, and makes you feel better.” Cassie comes out of the bathroom to hug her friend and tells Allie “OK, I’m gonna try it, but I wanna be at home. Can you pack me some up? I’ll do it tonight before bed!” Allie feels Cassie shove some money in her jacket pocket, so she gets a ziplock, and drops a few buds inside which Cassie throws in her purse before leaving for home. Allie chuckled about her friend’s naivety, and realizes she should’ve loaned her a pipe too, but shrugs it off.

The following day, Allie could not wait to get to lunch so she could find out if Cassie tried the weed. A fresh and confident Cassie approaches Allie in the cafeteria to Allie’s surprise. She asks “So Cassie, did you try it? How did you like it?” Cassie laughs, and with a cool confidence says “I tried it last night, and honestly I’m not a huge fan. I did every bit you gave me, and to be honest, I barely felt a thing except some dry mouth.” Allie, almost in shock, replied “Well that’s a surprise! Usually, a little bit of that OG KUSH and I’m a puddle.” Cassie smiling says “I really learned about myself, and what my values are! I shouldn’t experiment with pot over a boy, especially for anything so hard to eat!. Allie, confused, asks what Cassie meant by that? Cassie tells her “Oh yeah, Yuck! I ate all of the weed you gave me last night and it was so weird! I thought to myself, how do people do this all the time?” Allie begins to laugh hysterically while Cassie looks at her puzzled as to why.

Adrian Ryan was born in New Mexico and attended school since elementary in Arizona, his time growing up split between the two states. He hopes to work towards recreational cannabis, enjoys reading, writing, film, music, and also writing music.



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