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Who Hurt You, Luciano

To find a person that can attract people to them with not only his good looks but with his positive vibe, his personality and his hunger for success. To not worry about what people say or think of him, but to use the negative to be stronger. To seize every opportunity to build not only himself and his platform, but to help his people grow with him. Gianfranco L. Cata, better known as “Luciano Knows best,” founder and creator of the brand “Who Hurt You,” is that man.

At the age of 29, Luciano has done and worked with just about anyone who is anyone. From gentlemen like “Rob the Original” with 1.3 million followers, “Tonio Skits” with 1.8 million followers, and Lady’s like “Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa” with 12.3 million followers. It’s easy to see why he’s earned the title “King of Downtown.” According to Luciano, “It’s a blessing ‘cause their mentality & hard work cause me to wanna work harder.”

Luciano is not only blessed to be around big name people on a regular basis. He built his own name with roles in movies like “Sweet Bread”. He has had songs named and featuring him like Dann G “Who hurt you”. He is taking TIKTOK and IG from local to nationwide. As Arizona’s #1 club promoter, Luciano seems to have no limits and is not afforded to step outside the box. He has also figured out ways to use his parents “OG Mom & Pops” to entertain and also give real advice to his following. Luciano is also a regular on the local Home Made Genius show. “I love that there’s so much potential here,” Luciano says about Arizona.

As the founder and creator of the brand “Who hurt You” Luciano is now one of Arizona’s top sellers. His brand is not only in Arizona and the US but is world wide. And what’s even better is he is no stranger to hard work, as he packages and mails out all orders himself. “It’s a feeling I can’t describe but I truly am grateful. I get excited when someone sends me a message talking about how they just saw my merchandise,” says Luciano.

“I’m in my own lane simply just focusing on myself as I grow & mature,” said Luciano. You can find Luciano running the night life, clothing brands, and hanging with celebrities. But with sponsors like Hennessey, he is also building and creating opportunities to grow even bigger. 

Photos by @Ec_Rock & @cj.visions

Adam Maya aka “The HoMiE ToE” is one half of the Arizona music group “HoMe GrOwN”. Within the Arizona group, ToE is the manager, event planner, promoter, beat producer, etc. The co-host and co-founder of HoMe MaDe GeNiUs Podcast – a podcast that provides a networking platform for Arizona. He is a loving father and dedicates his life to his children. ToE also spends time volunteering at a youth sports organization called Rep it Sports, where he is a coach, event organizer, counselor, and mentor. ToE is cannabis friendly and believes in working hard, staying loyal and just loving living life. All smiles Arizona native.


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