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Watermelon Zkittlez by Hall of Flame

Watermelon Zkittlez Hall of Flame | Los Angeles

If ever visiting our neighbors to the west in California, this company is definitely one you want to keep an eye out for. When I go west, I usually don’t bring much with me but my bong and rig because there are just so many more options than there are locally in AZ. With so many choices though, it’s hard to know where the true quality lies. Hall Of Flame seems to be all about quality products and work with growers such as Finest Farms which grew the Cheetah Piss we featured a couple months back. This Watermelon Zkittlez was of the same quality. Strong dense nug structure dusted in trichomes with a slightly creamy but fruity aroma, these nugs were gorgeous. The flavor matched the scent with a bit more of the fruit coming out. The effects were strong and more on the sedative side. When in LA keep an eye peeled for anything from Hall Of Flame. By Arturo Delgado@tookkie_terpenestein.


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