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Trumed | Bialy | 3.5g Mylar

Trumed | Bialy | 3.5g Mylar

Trumed | Bialy | 3.5g Mylar

We scored this Trumed Bialy 1/8th for $50 minus a first-time patient discount, which makes a decent price for the best indoor available. For now, Nature's Medicine still honors first-time patient specials, one of the few in the valley with the programs still in place. Trumed Bialy flower is absolutely beautiful indoor nugs and it tastes gassy, with long lasting cerebral effects. Trumed has set the indoor standard in Arizona with a decade of success. We're not certain about the genetic makeup of this plant, but are pretty confident that it's a GMO hybrid from its gassy hints. Trumed is available at many dispensaries in Arizona, so use the first-time patient specials while they last, and any other deals you can find to help pick up this great flower.



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