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Tropic Fire by 22 Red

Tropic Fire 22 RED | SWC Dispensary

Opening the jar, your hit with a pungent full flavor fruit smell without even diving your nose in. Swish the nuggs around the jar a couple times, like a wine-o does their wine in a glass….The smell is amazing! THC percentages are not the highest but that’s not what makes or breaks cannabis. A good quality terpene profile is what makes or breaks a good flower. Tropic Fire is a unique hybrid cross leaning more sativa. I felt very uplifted, creative, and ready to do something after smoking. Very pungent fruit taste on the inhale, I know where the “tropic” part comes into play. The fruit taste is similar to Lychee which is a tropic fruit. I could not quite pinpoint when smelling it but nailed it down after tasting. I call them island grapes. On the exhale, a little undertone of spice which is very pleasant. Another Cannabis Cactus approved! Reviewed by Kevin Vontesmar.

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