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Tres Leches Rosin | Item 9 Labs

Tres Leches Rosin | NOT FOR SALE @rosinprodigy + Item 9 Labs

It’s not everyday you get to try some homemade rosin and this patient pressed Solventless extract definitely did not disappoint. The man @rosinprodigy once known as @terpberp is part of the team over at The Mint Dispensary in Tempe where he works as a budtender. When he is not working, he presses flowers into rosin and boy did he do an amazing job on this Tres Leches Flower from Item 9. The consistency was in transition between budder and crumble. The Flavor was a bit more earthy with hints of vanilla like pastry. The hit was smooth with a more cake-like taste with very strong and uplifting effects. This strain is perfect to start your day with. Reviewed by Arturo Delgado.

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