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Top Notc6

Top Notc6

To be able to infuse your life with melody and add rhyming words in a rhythmic pattern, to paint a story that most people can relate to is a fine art we call music. The story can be sad, happy, or, in some cases, aggressive, depending on the life situation the artist is trying to convey. Great music transports the audience to a place in time where they can reminisce about life’s memories. It can also make your body move, from feeling old to young and everything in between. Different styles of music reflect different styles of life, but one man has embarked on a journey to cross over from one style to the next. From hip-hop to dancehall, R&B to Reggaeton, Top Notc6 has touched every part.

Arthur Diaz, formerly known as Top Notc6, was born in Peoria, Arizona. As a young man, he witnessed his father’s love for basketball, and like many young men, he began to find his love for the game. Although he played for a championship but lost, Notc6 soon discovered his passion for music. He began, like most music artists, by recording in a closet with friends. Notc6 quickly found his own sound and understood that he stood above most with his wordplay and creativity. It wouldn’t take long before Notc6 became known around Arizona for his unique sound.

Top Notc6 has collaborated with some of the West Coast’s most unique artists, such as Gold Toes from the Bay Area, Trinidad Cardona, who had a #1 song on TikTok called “Dinero,” and Alexcis, who has worked with T-Pain, Akon, Snow the Producer, Kid Ink, and Wiz Khalifa, to name a few. But Notc6 didn’t stop at music; he is also the co-founder of the nominated award-winning podcast show called “Home Made Genius.” Notc6’s ability to make people feel comfortable and open up has been crucial to the show’s success. The show has led to his involvement in events like the Super Car Show, Barber Expo, and various cannabis events in Arizona.

Top Notc6 is set to release his most significant project yet in early 2024. The songs in this project are expected to generate even more significant numbers than his first project, “Home Grown Homecoming,” which is played in over 200 countries and has been streamed over 50,000 times. As a new husband, Top Notc6 is a father of three beautiful children and a brother to two brothers and one heavenly sister. He has put the world on notice that he is coming for it all in 2024, with his loving family as his inspiration.

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