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Top 5 Cannabis Travel Destinations

Man, I am really craving going somewhere amazing just as the world feels like it’s shutting down again… which is why I decided to focus this month on the top 5 cannabis destinations that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, and am yearning to return to as soon as possible.

For me, a cannabis destination is not somewhere it is recreationally legal, but accepted. If you don’t have a card or there aren’t recreational dispensaries, it may feel difficult to procure cannabis, but there are plenty of places around the country and globe that fit so well into enjoying the scenery, food, and people while just getting a little high, and plenty of ways to do it. Here are the top 5 spots I dream of returning to with a sense of adventure, friends, and just the right amount of edibles or a joint.

Heidi in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico (all of it!)

I had the pleasure of visiting Puerto Rico on a business trip and was also able to visit my friend Carmen, who runs Local Guest tourism agency out of the city of San Juan. Puerto Rico is not only incredibly beautiful and affordable and easy to get to (even from Denver!), but the cannabis culture is INCREDIBLE. People regularly consume in public and on the beach, and there doesn’t seem to be any judgment around it unless you are causing a scene. Medical cards are required to purchase inside a dispensary, but they seem to be relatively easy to get for qualifying patients, even if you aren’t local. Once you get into a dispensary, they are extremely helpful and excited to explain their products. Old Town San Juan and down the coast to Playa Azul in Luquillo and Fajardo were my favorite spots, and you can get a bit of old town charm and gorgeous beaches in both. You’ll want to live on the seafood Mofongo for your entire trip, and I promise you that you won’t stop thinking about it when you return home.

Heidi in Boston, MA

Boston, MA

Oh my gosh, Boston is SO FUN! One of my favorite things to do is take an edible and explore and learn the history of a new city, and thankfully in Boston, you can do both easily. Massachusetts is recreational so it’s easy to get product, and you can walk miles on the (free) Freedom Trail to learn about the monuments and historical buildings that were a part of the country’s story. If you fancy a drink and snack (like me) there are plenty of amazing breweries and places to eat. It’s just a generally easy spot to visit, drink, feast, and we felt very comfortable smoking in public parks without strange looks.

Heidi in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

EAT YOUR HEART OUT, because Barcelona is like, the tapas capital of the world, and nothing pleases me more than little treats when I’m a tad high. We took a seafood paella class and learned to make the dish ourselves, but personally, I like when it just appears in front of me with no work required. To get into a cannabis club in Barcelona, you must be 21+ and introduced by an existing member, so get to work on making friends or at least people who will pretend to be your friends. There is nothing better than taking an edible and wandering around the international heritage site Parque Guell for hours… It’s the best people watching in the world.

Heidi in Grand Lake, CO

Grand Lake, CO

Ok, so I’m prejudiced because I’m a Colorado girl… but I live in Denver, so Grand Lake seems like a completely different world from the hubbub of the city. The closest dispensary to Grand Lake is Igadi, which is in Granby on the way from Denver… but god, once you’re in the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park, you might not even need to get high. You also might just THINK you’re really high when a huge moose comes nonchalantly walking out in front of your Air BNB (OK, don’t try to get close to it… they’re adorable but actually very dangerous). I legitimately think it’s the most relaxing place in the entire world, and while people are friendly, everyone just kind of minds their own business and leaves you alone (perfect for us cannabis consumers). In the Winter, you can cross-country ski or snowshoe for free on many trails, rent a snowmobile (SO FUN!), or downhill ski at nearby Winter Park Resort. In the summer, it’s super easy and relatively inexpensive to kayak, paddle board, or rent a pontoon at nearby Shadow Mountain Lake or Granby Lake. Being surrounded by the mountains is my favorite place to relax, and if you don’t want to do anything and just sit on your deck and smoke a joint while enjoying the view, there’s no judgment from me… this is YOUR vacation!

Heidi in Bradenton/Dunedin, FL

Bradenton/Dunedin, FL area

Florida really encourages some intense polarized emotions in people, doesn’t it? Well, I LOVE Florida, I love beaches, I love manatees, and I’m not afraid to get high and scream it from the rooftops. Bradenton Beach and Anna Marie Island are incredible, and there are gorgeous lagoons that you can kayak in for hours (literally a “hot” tip: put sunscreen on the front of your legs while doing this, or you will regret it. This isn’t a threat, it’s a warning). If you’re sunburned and need to stay indoors, the Dali Museum will treat you right for a day, and the Fenway Hotel in Dunedin will treat you really right for a gorgeous sunset with ocean views in the evening. You’ll fly into Tampa and rent a car, which is helpful because if you want to do any hiking, there are insanely cool national parks right on the ocean where you can sit alone and enjoy a joint or two.

Here’s to travel, cannabis, and to hoping that by the time this article comes out, we can all plan a trip someplace great, and get high somewhere besides our own couches. If you’ve got hot tips for cannabis destinations to check out, I’d LOVE to hear… because I’m ready for a vacation, babes.


Heidi Keyes

Heidi Keyes is the Founder of Puff, Pass & Paint, and Co-Founder & President of Cannabis Tours. Heidi writes about her experiences, sharing her advice, travel tips, and wisdom in Puff, Pass Ponder.


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