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Tomahawk | Grow Sciences

Tomahawk | $45/3.5g MSRP Grow Sciences | Valleywide

With a slogan like “Welcome to Quality…” what do you expect? Well let me tell you this Tomahawk is definitely something of the higher quality. Just inspecting the vacuum sealed jar and seeing the buds I knew something great was inside. These nugs were covered in trichomes with orange pistils running through the buds like veins. As soon as I cracked the jar open a slight smell of pine hit with a very distinct almost beef jerky like aroma hit the nose. Rolling this up in a raw to get the full flavor it still definitely tasted meaty with some OG-like qualities. The effects were uplifting yet relaxing leaving me able to still complete the tasks I had at hand stress free without feeling tired. Reviewed by Arturo Delgado.



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