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The Mint Cafe Culinary Cup

Receiving an invite to the Mint Cafe Culinary Cup couldn’t be more amazing. I love food, I mean I do eat pizzas and tacos on a regular basis, but yes I do love all culinary specialties. Boss man and myself rolled into the spot with smiles and laughs. In all seriousness, we were ready to purvey the scene and enjoy the company. Angie from Ideation Studios (formerly Onyx Studios) was friendly and receptive to us being on set for this contest. Bottled water was provided and an air conditioned atmosphere with a set-up like top chef to feast the eyes upon while we awaited the contestants was another highlight.

These contestants were real people, folks who have families, relationships, individuals who are an active part of the community. There were over one hundred entries for this contest, and it got narrowed down to the top ten finalists. The list includes “sweet” and “savory” entries; I really appreciated the set-up because the meals were categorized. I could try all the main course meals, then try the desserts. This was mental and judgement cash money, bringing my taste buds to the dance floor, focusing on purpose. Something special happens when we come together and enjoy our craft together- this being the case for the contestants within the Culinary Cup. As they say over at McDonald’s – I’m lovin’ it.

The food wasn’t medicated, which never came across as a problem for me. The food happens to be food – the most important part of food. The recipes are intended to be cannabis infused, but for the designs of the contest, the food was served to the judges without cannabis. Not a problem, for the fact remains in finding joy within the food itself – the intricate nuances to each dish, the work and time spent to make it not only a tasty treat, but also a presentable product, enticing the consumer to try the food offered. The anticipation to see what the chef’s were offering was also a fun part of this experience. Once the chefs came out, Omar introduced the dishes, then the judges sampled said dishes. After this, we got a chance to see what the food was about.

Let me say that all these contestants, all the chefs involved, were fantastic. Trying each dish was an honor, and left me wanting more. I felt myself in a dream state, trying food that can only be found in five star restaurants and fancy cruise lines. The atmosphere itself made me, an anxious depressive ridden mess, feel like a part of the team. Everyone was ready for a good time. This is the community many of us are seeking. These events for our community hold many good things for us patients. We can come together with people that are similar and share a love for cannabis.

After the winners were selected, it still felt like everyone was a winner. Daniel Estrada from Gilbert came in first with his Salt River Bars. What a tasty treat! And a great guy. There was no ego present. We live for now and we live for enjoying one another’s company. This kind of event helps people come together regardless of the purpose of finding the best of the best. Sure, winning is part of a contest – the difference is when everyone comes to dance with each other in unison. This happens sometimes, and it happened at this event. We couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of this event and share in the good times with all involved. Thank you Mint Cafe, and thank you all who took part in the Culinary Cup.

Your dedicated medical patient, Dietrich Dash

Dietrich Dash is a local to Arizona, born in September of nineteen eighty-eight, in the town of Scottsdale. He enjoys listening to the Rolling Stones, Queens of the Stone Age, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem. In his free time, you can see him at local bookstores, hiking or hanging out in public areas with his chihuahua mix and pugs. He also frequents dispensaries across the valley in search of what the valley has to offer medicinally.



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