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The Green Scene: Phoenician Grinders

What is Phoenician

When picking out a grinder for your Cannabis flower there are numerous companies to select from. Of all the different options available to purchase the grinders by Phoenician truly standout. The overall design and manufacturing quality is something to behold. Phoenician is a company that has proven to be skillful at creating, innovating, and refining their line of top caliber smoking accessories. The products are easy to take care of and come in awesome varieties that are a gift for anyone to have. The superiority and excellence of the Phoenician products have created thousands of happy customers, including myself.


About the Company

Phoenician is a tight knit, family-oriented organization with a humble and very respectable history. The company began several years ago and was started by two individuals who wanted to use their aerospace engineering skills a different way. An idea turned into some sketches and they began the journey of creating a company that would produce the some of the most high-grade products in the industry. Now Phoenician has become an extremely efficient manufacturing machine. During our tour of the company’s facility we were able to see a small group of amiable people make the operation run by working non-stop on their respective duties. The entire building was clean and organized with grinders and other products at various stages of being finished.

Top Tier Quality

Products made by Phoenician go through a standardized, precise process that uses a handful of different machines and top quality starting materials to give you the ultimate utility and longevity. The grinders are currently on generation three and use several patents throughout the design. They are made from anodized aluminum and feature interchangeable screens as well as a rare earth magnet to ensure that the top of the grinder will never pop off. The adjustments and modifications that have been made over the past versions have been driven heavily by customer feedback the company has received. Phoenician has become such a renowned name that they have had been able to collaborate with incredible companies and individuals including musical acts like Sublime with Rome and Waka Flocka Flame.

Tips for Your Phoenician

I personally have two Phoenician grinders and I love them both because I use them for different things. Several years ago I got a 4-piece limited edition Waka Flocka Flame grinder that works perfect for loading joints and bowls. A few years later I purchased a 2-piece grinder to go along with it. Whenever I am on the run I pack my 2-piece because the smaller profile makes travel nice and easy. When you purchase your grinder make sure to get a size and color that works for you. Be careful to select the variety you want most because it will last you till the end of time. I have had my Waka Flocka grinder for maybe 3 or 4 years and I haven’t noticed any degradation whatsoever. I cannot say that about any other grinder I have tried. The Phoenician products are absolutely built to last forever and if yours ever breaks they have a lifetime warranty for certain parts like the teeth and lock system. When your grinder does begin to stick up just soak it in some isopropyl alcohol and scrub off any leftover herb. Once you have freed up the grinder from any flower stuck on the walls it should function good as new. Make sure to be very careful when cleaning your Phoenician because even after years of use the teeth are still razor sharp. Once your screen starts to clog up from the sticky resin just wash it in some high concentration isopropyl and it will again allow keif to fall through. Phoenician also offers three different size screens to change the size of what you will catch in the bottom compartment.

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