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Stars & Strains: Taurus – May 2019

Aries, Happy

Snow Ghost, Urban Greenhouse

This month is a good time to focus on little things. Learn to roll a proper joint if you smoke the top shelf flower. If you prefer concentrates, take the time to learn the proper dab temperatures for your rig. If you smoke from a pipe or bong, clean that shit out regularly.

Taurus, Laughter

Lucid Dream, The Mint

This month is about friendship for the strong hearted Leo. Be sure to take care of the friends who have been there for you. Call them up and make plans to burn a joint of some super sticky Lucid Dream. There’s nothing like smoking cannabis with friends and laughing together. It’s medicine for the body and soul.

Gemini, Wonder

Ghost Train Haze, Dutchie

Heading out for a hike and setting up camp underneath the stars. Bring along some edibles on a clear night and wait until the late hours for the best views. By 3am the stars will change from little bits of light far away into a cosmic blanket that wraps around you. Try a heavy indica joint while you soak in the cosmic vibes of the Milky Way.

Cancer, Nature

Peanut Butter Breath, G3

Head up to Sedona for a dose of natural beauty and enjoy a meal at the Hideaway House. They have amazing cliffside views and homemade food served by the nicest cannabis friendly staff. Bloom Dispensary is located in town for meds during your stay and there’s over twenty bed and breakfasts if you want to stay the night. Cannabis is recommended for hiking and lunch.


Mac-1, Aeriz, Expand

Give yourself some quiet space to soak up energy and expand your imagination. Slow deep breaths lead to nice deep thoughts. Deep breaths of cannabis Indica are a nice addition to this meditative quiet time. Smoke a whole joint by yourself and read a poem or better yet, write a poem. See life from a different angle.

Virgo, Leisure

Wedding Cake, Mohave

Try some top shelf terp sauce or beautiful top shelf flower this month. It’s good to keep a budget but it’s also good to treat yourself. The same vibes apply to your work ethics. Your energy is plentiful and your vision is clear so keep working hard but remember it’s vacation season, relax some too!

Libra, Fun

Chocolate & Oranges, Aeriz

It’s time to take the edge off with some head buzzing indica and relaxing summer fun. There will be plenty of time to focus and be responsible at work, but now is the time to celebrate your successes. The best way to continue your success at work is to leave it all behind for a vacation. So take some dabs and hit the beach!

Scorpio, Vision

Dos-a-do, Mohave

You have the option to decide the future of your love life, work life and personal development. It’s a choice to sit by as life happens or to visualize your future and map out a strategy for achieving this vision. Try a dose of cannabis to jumpstart creative thoughts about what you want to achieve. Plan your work and work your plan!

Sagittarius, Community

Ice Cream Man, Sweet Leaf Farms

Have you been looking to try something new? Cannabis is a great tool to get out and meet new people from all walks of life. Sharing a joint with someone can lead to a new friendship, new hobbies and exploring new places. Get out into your community and find out what kinds of people you can share cannabis with. You may discover a new hobby or career from these new relationships.


Vietnam Black, All Greens

Look for balance this month and try to moderate your desires. It’s easy to smoke the whole joint at once, but sometimes it’s best to have a puff now and a puff later. Exercising this self control in all areas of life and you will become stronger financially and emotionally. But remember, timing is everything and there is a time for smoking the whole joint too!

Aquarius, Heat

OG Kush

You may feel trapped by the summer and your responsibilities at work but try to relax and make plans for some summer fun. Roll some joints of your favorite strain and take them on your adventure. There is nothing better than getting out of the house and having some good cannabis to take along. Finding new adventures to free your mind is easy when you have fire nugs.

Pisces, Reflection

Pink Kush, Aeriz

Use your quiet time to consume some extra relaxing indica and think about what you want to come to you. Being loud and forceful will not bring the results you want in life. You are halfway up the mountain and the next half of the journey will be tiring. Consuming cannabis before a nature walk or yoga session can be a great relaxation technique to clear out any noisy thoughts.


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