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Stars & Strains: Scorpio – November 2020

Aries, Sunshine

Sunset Sherbert, Grow Sciences

It’s the sun that makes you shine! Get outside and soak up some vitamin D to go along with your THC. If you think CBD/THC is effective, wait until you try the truly powerful combo: sunshine and THC. Ask your dispensary associate for something awakening and energetic for this month.

Taurus, Energy

Tropical Punch, Shango Cannabis

Everything gives off frequencies and it’s more important than ever to find a quiet pace in the midst of this noise. Cannabis can be used for this purpose. Do not underestimate the value or importance of the cannabis relaxation ritual.

Gemini, Movement

Your instincts will aid your decision making. If things feel good all the way deep down then this is the green light to proceed. If you have any feeling in your gut that this is wrong then don’t do it. If you remain confused then smoke a joint and sleep on it to make a better decision tomorrow. If this decision is about which cannabis strain to buy then get both of them. Try them all.

Cancer, Introspection

Dosidos, Grow Sciences

Talk to your mind and talk to your heart. Ask how they are doing and see if they need anything. They will love to hear from you. Smoke a joint with them and sit silently too. Do this regularly from now on and add in some nice deep breaths for a calming effect.

Leo, Cosmic

Jelly Breath, Nectar Farms

The Jack Herer moon vibes are strong this month and this is a great time for night time joint chiefing. Your sign aligns well with social vibes this month and the new moon will bring extra energy to your social circle. Embrace this energy by taking your friends on a cannabis fueled journey.

Virgo, Swathe

Gorilla Cookies, Shango Cannabis

The weather is changing and the leaves are falling. All the lovely cactus are settling in for the nice weather in the valley. There’s romance in the air for your sign. Look out for secret admirers in your daily routine. Cannabis will always be your true love but there is room for another in your life.

Libra, Vibrant

Triangle Canyon, House Exotics

The stars and planets have aligned with your sign perfectly to create a mellow zen high all month long. It’s amazing how your mindset affects the way you get high. Enjoy this chill time in life and use it to charge your soul for an eventful 2019.

Scorpio, Drive

DOSI 18, Aeriz

Get moving! If you sit on the shelf for too long then you will become stale, it happens to even the best flowers. Life is meant to be lived just like good cannabis is meant to be consumed. Get out there and live your life with big intentions.

Sagittarius, Impulse

Cookies Fam Sherbert, 22 Red

Break out of the routine funk and try a new dispensary this month. There are some new producers in the valley with fantastic flowers and concentrates. You will be happy about mixing up the routine and trying new genetics. Make a couple other changes to your routine as well.

Capricorn, Light

Terple, Tryke

Your destiny lies within your hands. There are fortunes waiting for you to make a move towards them. The sun, moon and night sky will be your guide on this journey.

Aquarius, Protection

Jack Herer, Reef Dispensary

Whatever you have fears about will be conquered during the next month. You will see that these obstacles and fears are not as big as they seem. Use edible cannabis products to rejuvenate your muscles and mind with good rest.

Pisces, Fortuitous

Lava Cake, Mohave Reserve

What’s another day with just another dollar. You are looking for something more and the universe is pulling that very something towards you. Love and lust and all those wild things are coming so grab some edibles and hold onto your emotions.

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.


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