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Stars & Strains: Libra – October 2020

Aries, Adventure

Durban x Gushers, Mohave Cannabis

Clean one room of your house, car, or desk at work. Clear out the clutter in your environment. You are making room for new things in your life. Start with a small project and see how it feels to accomplish something you have been putting off. There are bigger rewards waiting for you so it’s time to make space for new treasures coming your way.

Taurus, Movement

Alien Cookies, Shango Cannabis

Use your quiet time to consume some extra relaxing indica and think about what you want to come to you. You are halfway up the mountain and the next half of the journey will be easier. Consuming cannabis before a nature walk or yoga session can be a great relaxation technique to clear out any noise from your spirit.

Gemini, Rest

White Chocolate #8, Tryke

Time to pamper yourself and take advantage of some summer vacation. Plan a trip or something out of the ordinary just for fun. Surprise yourself with some new edibles and concentrate as a treat for a day with friends. It’s time to focus on rejuvenation and centering your vibes back to the simple joys of summer days.

Cancer, Instinct

Trainwreck, Yilo

Do not worry about what you see on social media! Just keep living in the moment and remember all the instagram videos and snaps will fade away one day. Your life is beautiful and you don’t need a bunch of likes to prove it. It’s a confusing time we live in but also a beautiful one. The sky’s the limit, not your phone screen. Look up and look ahead!

Leo, Create

Kandy Kush, Green Gene Genetics

This month is full of interesting vibes between your cannabis strains and zodiac sign. You will have to be extra careful of people wasting your energy by demanding your attention. Do not be afraid to say ‘no’ sometimes. Your gut will tell you when it’s okay to say no and go a separate way. If something in life confuses you, slow down and smoke about it. Sleep on it and come back to it.

Virgo, Outlook

Wedding Cake, House Exotics

Use cannabis to help stay rested this month. Your daily routine will get very busy and you need all the help you can get. Work sucks and it’s hot outside but it doesn’t matter because you have good weed to smoke at home. The moon may cloud your love encounters this month but everything else is wide open for you in the stars. Enjoy this time to yourself.

Libra, Selfcare

Blackwater OG, Tryke

Believe in yourself and visualize what you want to happen in the future. Your thoughts are as powerful as ever. Your mind will move obstacles out of your way. Be certain about what you want in life and let your mind work for you. Cannabis offers the focus to get through the day and keep negative thoughts far far away.

Scorpio, Genuine

Pixie Stick, Nothing But Rocks

There are new cannabis products available and now is a great time to try them. Buy your first dab rig. There is nothing quite so tasty as a proper temperature dab of top shelf concentrate from your own rig. If you have been consuming cannabis the same way for years, try to break out and try something new. You’ll be surprised about the new things you will learn about cannabis.

Sagittarius, Voice

GMO Cookies, Green Gene Genetics

Speak up to those around you and offer them some advice about THC. They may teach you something as well. Conversation sounds scary sometimes but luckily cannabis is the ultimate ice breaker. Even offering a joint to someone who doesn’t smoke could spark up a unique conversation and possible friendship.

Capricorn, Perspective

Modified Banana, Shango Cannabis

Explore a little more with your cannabis and relationships. Don’t always look for the same strains of flower or the same type of mate in life. There is never one correct way or path so let’s explore some other ways of thinking. You still have some firsts coming your way so be prepared for new things.

Aquarius, Thoughtful

Doc’s OG, Green Gene Genetics

Invigorating indica strains bring a spark to your love life that will help refuel all of your emotions. Using cannabis with your partner makes any ordinary occasion a special one. Avoid long sessions of netflix and cannabis because the couch is an easy place to become trapped. Keep your sativa energy going by moving into uncharted territory and exploring new places together.

Pisces, Space

Sunshine Daydream, Abundant Organics

Remember that the darkest thoughts are next to the most beautiful. Be thankful for the wonderful friend you have in cannabis and just keep moving through the feelings of each day. Your zodiac sign aligns well with strong indica strains and you have some happy adventures coming in the next season of life. Stay strong and be ready for success!

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.


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