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Stars & Strains: Libra – October 2019

Aries, Willpower

Cactus OG, Phoenix Cannabis Co.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Do not think of anything as impossible. You are fortunate to have come this far and will be victorious no matter how hard the journey seems. Use cannabis to stay focused when you need extra deep breaths and relaxation.

Taurus, Unique

Ice Cream Man, Sweet Leaf Farms

Every person is a professional in some capacity. Make sure you are a pro of constructive things. Do not be a pro gossiper or a procrastinator. Ok bad pun, sorry. The point is that you are good at many things but need to take time to learn where you excel most. Smoke a joint and think about what makes you special.

Gemini, Silence

Watermelon Sangria, Aeriz

Try a silent introspective cannabis smoke sesh with yourself. Think about your feelings and your friends. Think about what to remove from your life and who to hold close. Break some of the bad habits and continue smoking fat joints to remain balanced during this season.

Cancer, Teamwork

Lemon Bubba, MUV

It’s important to be part of a team outside of the workplace. Make sure your hobby involves meeting other people who share the same passions. It’s good to have new friends so find like minded people to share your goals and gains with.

Leo, Preparation

Purple Chem, Green Gene Genetics

Big things can happen when you least expect it. Some people hibernate during the winter but you should be getting ready for a busy season. Look for new propositions coming your way and an exciting holiday season. Save your money for fun things coming up.

Virgo, Foundation

Cold Creek Kush, Dutchie

Start expecting good fortune in your life all the time. You will be ready to seize the moment and make the best of it. Treat your losses the same as your wins. Never be too hard on yourself during a loss or too proud during a win. Use your indica to keep grounded during exciting times. 

Libra, Believe

PB Souffle, Mohave Cannabis

You won’t always understand where the ship is headed but sometimes you just have to trust the captain who is leading. Make sure you are following something you believe in and then just trust the process. Moments of doubt can be squashed by a heavy indica and some deep breathing.

Scorpio, Confident

Puta Breath, Aeriz

Remember who you are. There was a time when you were more confident than you are now. Get that confidence back. Always believe in yourself and the cannabis you use. You are special and you are loved so stop worrying what you think others think of you. Be done with worry.

Sagittarius, Love

Faith, Urban Greenhouse

If you meet someone you like then say something. If you want to try something new, then do it. Do not have fear of rejection or failure because all successful people have backgrounds full of both. You won’t know the answer unless you ask. Go after what you want before it’s too late.

Capricorn, Mask

Dosidos, Zonka Farms

It’s officially fall and you will have some fun during this harvest season. Go to a Halloween party all dressed up this year. The effort will be worth it and you may be surprised who you cross paths with during the full moon on October 13th. This is the one time of year you can be anyone you want to be.

Aquarius, Sharp

Pineapple Chunk, Territory

People are hiding their feelings of inadequacy and it’s totally normal to feel that way sometimes. You have been battle tested and can handle anything that will come your way. Keep handing out smiles and encouraging those around you. They will do the same for you as their confidence rises.

Pisces, Timing

Green Lotus, Arizona Natural Selections

Do not spend your precious time in this life worrying about when things will happen. Set your plan in motion and trust the process. Things will happen when they are meant to happen. Stand back and let it be.


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