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Stars & Strains: Libra – October 2018

Aries: Energy Strain Energy: Gelato

You have been feeling Sativa-ish with high energy like GO GO GO!!!, and this month will be no different. It’s possible that a current relationship will turn romantic, so make sure you are ready for that change. Do not overindulge in flower or dabs this month. Stay active and move around to keep a balance. Your work life and home life are going well, so just keep up the hustle at work and you will always have top notch cannabis around when you get home.

Taurus: Variety Strain Energy: Mimosa

Try rolling 2-3 kinds of cannabis into one joint for a change of pace. Enjoy all the flavors that life has to offer. If you are a dab person, try adding some CBD and terpenes to your dabs. You’ll be surprised how much this will enhance your cannabis high. Being around like-minded individuals will also enhance your high. Be careful on the 13th when your star energy changes from sativa to indica power.

Gemini: Playful Strain Energy: Blueberry OG

You are feeling a whimsical high this month and find yourself balancing between work and fun pursuits. Your flower will taste especially good during the full moon on October 5. This is called the hunter moon because it’s the time of year when we get ready for the fall harvest and joints are fat and plentiful. The second half of the month will bring even more cosmic vibes to your soul and this will be a welcome time of emotional awareness.

Cancer: Home Strain Energy: Fire OG

Home is where the weed is. You will feel change happening in your homespace, so make sure you are prepared for old friends and new friends to come around more. Stock up on cannabis accessories and a few good strains to share. Keep your cannabis bar stocked. The weather will begin cooling down and put everyone in a more social mood. Enjoy the visitors.

Leo: Fortune Strain Energy: Candyland

You will feel a more quiet energy until the 27th when you return to a more energetic soul. Choose your strains accordingly for each level of energy you feel. The Draconids minor meteor shower will be out on October 8th and these little space nugs will bring you good fortune for the month. Stay alert for new opportunities at work and for a new romantic relationship.

Virgo: Numbers Strain Energy: Alaskan Thunder F***

Finances and other matters of numbers will be important this month. Measure twice and make sure everything adds up before you commit to anything. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want, but be ready for twists and turns. There will be unexpected news on the 13th when the new moon starts. Put some nice calming edibles in your system when you need maximum nighttime rest.

Libra: Instinct Strain Energy: Ghost  OG

No person or thing has power over you except for what you allow. Do not have fear to try new things. If you are creative or artistic, then feel free to do what your heart wants without worry about messing things up or saying the wrong thing. Do not worry about the one time when you got too high and then subsequently paranoid that you said a dumb thing. It’ll happen again and you have to just accept it and then do another dab!

Scorpio: Exercise Strain Energy: Cataract Kush

Libra is crossing paths with your sign and causing some irritability this month. Do not worry since you have the finest nugs to puff on for relaxation. Try adding some exercise to your day before you medicate. There’s nothing like a relaxing dose of flower, dab or edible after a workout and a nice shower. It’s a reward for a job well done.

Sagittarius: Leader Strain Energy: Headband Kush

This is a great time to go after your dreams. You will fit well into group activities and will make a great leader. Give yourself some reflective time for a solo smoke sesh. It will serve you well as you wind down the zodiac year and begin to make future plans. Let your mind wander ahead and do not question the universe. Stay open to new love interests because your social interactions will be meaningful in the joints to come.

Capricorn: Risk Strain Energy: Durban Poison

The universe is your city and your energy is spreading fast. Keep on being your badass organized self and stay sharp. The new moon on the 13th will send a Jack Herer vibe into your sign. This mixes well with your cosmic terpene profile and will bring you new revelations. Pop those idea seeds and see what grows. There is no better time than now to try something new.

Aquarius: Change Strain Energy: Blue Cheese

Your sign is full of different energies this month, but they are good balanced energies. Some days are chill like a Deadhead indica; some days are Durban Poison sativa days. Travel is in your near future and you should experience as much as you can in a new town. The change of scenery will reset your objectives before your zodiac year comes to a close. Smoke a fat joint and think about what you really want to happen next.

Pisces: Cosmic Strain Energy: Tahoe OG

It’s time to get up and put your creativity into overdrive. The planetary cosmic terps are totally on your side this month so get ready to make things happen. You have been laying low and now it’s time to go out and cause a scene with your new ideas. Uranus will be at opposition with Jack Herer in the last week of the month and the blue green planet will cause you to vibe well on OG strains.

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