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Stars & Strains: Cancer – July 2020

Aries | Core

Cream Pie Kush | Mohave Reserve

Your social life may still be quarantined but your hopes, dreams and cannabis are stronger than ever. Keep competing against yourself to get both mentally and physically stronger for the next chapter of this life. Continue to explore your passions and digging deeper into your creative talents.

Taurus | Oxygen

Pink Kush | Aeriz

Where there is smoke, there is probably fire. Luckily your little fires are tasty cannabis ones. Sometimes we get more than we bargain for but that’s okay because life would be boring otherwise. Do not expect negativity from the universe because you have nothing but fresh air to breathe. Enjoy the smoke!

Gemini | Materialize

You manifest more than you realize mentally. Use positive thoughts and think of positive outcomes to affect current situations. You can help yourself overcome health issues and many negative feelings by exerting a positive energy. Believe in yourself like you believe in the cannabis you consume.

Cancer | Results

Purple Larry OG | Hiklas

Cleaning, sanitizing, washing your hands for 20 seconds, what’s your temperature? There are lots of new questions in this new pandemic world but you can rely on good cannabis and good friends and family to always be the best medicine. Rest easy and hold on to what matters.

Leo | Stewardship

Jack Herer | Aeriz

Some farmers keep three or four extra tractors in case one breaks. Just like a stoner keeps three or four bongs in case one breaks. It’s always good to be prepared and keep supplies and equipment on hand. Especially during these times of unrest.

Virgo | Believe

Jungle Cake | Tru Infusion 2.0

Be certain about who you are and what you stand for. We keep hearing about the uncertain times that we live in. Don’t let this make you feel confused or divided from society. We are all truly in this together.

Libra | Speak

OG Kush | Grow Sciences

If no one can hear you then just say it again. Don’t let it break you or stop you. Cover your tracks and cover the path to your heart. Don’t anything negative have a foothold on your mind. Break the weed up and wait for them to wake up.

Scorpio | Instinct

You are back in a place where you could fall but at least you feel alive. Will it pay to play along with society anyway? Don’t try to read anyone’s mind. Just stay on the straight and narrow. Your efforts will be rewarded. Retrograde cannot reverse the positive effects from cannabis pulling on your spirit.

Sagittarius | Onward

Do not turn around. Keep going. Any ounces of doubt that you have cannot be shown to those around you. Life is a game but you are not going to lose. Do not take it too seriously or the game is already over. Find your chill pace and take a joint to the face.

Capricorn | Manifest

WIFI Alien OG | Globe Cannabis Co.

If you pretend to be asleep then you will fall asleep. Be careful of the energy you carry. May it be increasingly positive. It’s funny that we fall asleep by pretending to be asleep. It’s the same with being anything you want to be. You have to pretend first.

Aquarius | Unique

Alien Grape Vine | Crescent Cannabis Co.

Do not wish for things to be easy. Except for finding great cannabis, be thankful that strong cannabis medicine is available to all of us. Just don’t let it spoil you. Keep a healthy respect for the plant. You are an astonishing part of history but also just a blip in the overall fabric of this universe. You are everything and nothing all at once. Enjoy it.

Pisces | Accord

Peyote Gorilla #58 | Potent Planet

Why did it fail? For what reason? Give only easy answers and you keep reaching a dead end. Answer the tough questions honestly and you will find the path to success by being one with yourself. Listen to the music that plays in your heart. Get high and it will feel louder.

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.



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