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Stars & Strains: Aries – April 2019

AriesPurple Punch, Grow Sciences

Mothership OG, Urban Greenhouse

Look to the sunshine and sweet Maryjane to bring you out of the shadows. Try to abandon your shy self and set off on new adventures. There is more waiting for you out there in this great world and plenty of fun people to meet along the way. Smoke and fly to new perspectives.


Purple Cream, DRIP Oils & Extracts

We are all passing through times of transition. This is your chance to shake things up with something new! Don’t be afraid to say yes to something new. Cannabis will be the constant friend by your side during new journies. Cannabis was new to you at some point, so try new flavors of cannabis and new adventures in life!


Sedona Kush, The Mint Dispensary

You are a traveler who is making waves through new territory. Go somewhere new everyday and stay out of your comfort zone. You will learn more about cannabis and yourself. You don’t have to always know where the path is going, just trust your instincts, they won’t steer you wrong.


Tres Leches, Item 9 Labs

Remember that the darkest thoughts are next to the most beautiful. Be thankful for the friend you have in cannabis and keep moving through each day. Your zodiac sign aligns well with strong indica strains and you have some happy adventures coming in the next season of life. Stay strong and be ready for success!


Forest Fire, Dutchie

The weather is perfect for outdoor activities and your zodiac sign reacts very well to mother nature this month. Take your joints outside and let the terpenes into the open air. Smell a tree and enjoy the natural terpenes all around you. Nature is beautiful and so are you, don’t ever forget it!


Punch Breath, Territory Dispensary

Things are coming easy for you. Keep doing the little things to the best of your ability and watch how things line up for you. Success is at your doorstep and there’s no turning back. We have arrived and we are here to stay. Remember that you are powerful and you carry the cosmic spirit of cannabis with you.


KreemCycle, Mohave Cannabis Co.

Decarboxylation is the process of activating the THC-A in cannabis, turning it into the familiar psychoactive cannabinoid known fondly as THC. You are going through your own decarb process in your life. A reaction is happening that will give you a strong energy in everything you do. You are being activated.


Deadhead OG, Copperstate Farms

You need to make some changes. Let everything change as needed. You are craving new experiences and the world is waiting on you. There is much for you to accomplish just by getting on a new path. Put yourself out there and invite a new friend to enjoy cannabis with you. It’s all about new things this month.


Green Love Potion, HiBuddy Organics

It’s time to tell our employers, authorities, families, friends, kids, and grandparents that you consume cannabis. Tell everyone about the medicine that has helped your mind and body. You are an ambassador for the cannabis plant and you have a responsibility to share that knowledge with others. Be loud and be proud!


HIFI Preroll, Huxton USA

This month is full of interesting vibes between your cannabis strains and zodiac sign. You will have to be careful of people wasting your energy. Do not be afraid to say ‘no’ sometimes. Your gut will tell you when it’s okay to go a separate way. If something in life confuses you, slow down. Don’t let anyone rush you.


IPA + Hops Extract, Darwin Brands

Work seems easy for you. You are smart and there is a reason you are reading this. Start believing in yourself the way you believe in the cannabis plant. You are powerful and your energy affects the way others feel. Stay high and keep smiling because your smile has all the power in the world!


Bubba Lemon G, Sunday Goods

This month is edibles and starry nights for your sign. Enjoy the stillness that comes along with spring nights. You are meant to relax this month, use extra edibles throughout the day and look deep into the stars at night. Think about what you want in this life and push the stars and strains to align for you.

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