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Should I Care About Legalization?

Dear Mama, I smoke pot, I don’t use all these fancy vapes and stuff. I make my own edibles and tinctures. Why are people getting so worked about this change in rules lately when pot is still legal, right? I don’t get why people aren’t just happy they can smoke the flower? What’s the big deal really? I just don’t get it. I’m all good…

Dear All good,

I hear ya! We fought so hard to get this far, it seems like folks forgot. But really the big deal starts with our sick kiddos. We have kids that need these concentrated forms of the plant medicine. Smoking isn’t a good look for kids, not to mention they don’t get the specific types of medicine that they need.

Then there are folks like me, who use various forms for various reasons. For example, I use concentrates if my pain or nausea is severe and flower isn’t putting a dent in it. Some folks use the vapes because they have little to no scent and are helpful if you live in a shared space or rental situation.

As cannabis patients we need to stick together and support each other to keep our medicine safe. We need to make sure our laws are clear and understood. Most importantly, we need to protect the moms who risk everything to save the lives of their kids. Many of these moms have been out fighting for their kid’s right to medicines, and that may one day help save a kid you love.

You are very lucky to have the skills to prepare your medicines for your use. I do that too, but I can’t easily make the RSO I need and have to get it from a dispensary. This ruling puts what used to be a casual purchase into a risk category and that’s not what we all signed up for when we got our cards and bought stuff at a dispensary.

We need you. We need you to help, as part of the group of cannabis patients, to keep holding these lawmakers accountable for allowing this type of risk to patients to even happen. Even if the concentrates issue doesn’t affect you directly, it affects us collectively. Collectively we created these shops and collectively we will change the laws further to keep everyone out of risk who uses this harmless plant to heal.

Stay safe out there!



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