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Royal Queen Seeds | Star Dawg

Star Dawg

Royal Queen Seeds | Star Dawg

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a throwback to classic cannabis. Originally bred in the Bay Area by crossing Chemdawg #4 and Tres Dawg, Star Dawg brings back the skunky, gassy smells that I remember from when I was a teenager. I’m a fan of citrus terps, but it seems to have become the dominant terpene profile here in Spain recently. This batch smells of skunk first, diesel fumes second, with a touch of citrus on top - almost like a squeeze of lemon on your heavily seasoned food. According to Royal Queen Seeds, this strain should clock in around 22% THC, which for me, is the sweet spot for high terpene buds. Any higher than this usually results in a less flavorful smoke and less rounded effects in my experience.



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