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Roach Clip: Interview with Person X

From The Great Beyond Podcast is a weekly discussion about conspiracy theories, UFOs, religion, ancient civilizations and anything against the paradigm.

Nephilim: I met Person X through a really good friend of mine. We were out working, shooting the shit, nothing serious, not really talking about anything. That is when this story comes about, first we were talking about the Phoenix lights. He told a story that kind of still stands with me, I still think about it on the regular.

Person X:  I was talking to Nephilim that day about Dreamy Draw Park, Arizona. Back in 1947, there was a UFO, much like Rosewell, but here in Arizona. The government immediately covered it up, apparently the UFO is still buried there. Details can be found in a book written in 1950 by Frank Scully called Behind the Flying Saucers.

Then we got into the Phoenix lights, I was actually up on North Mountain that night. I looked up and it seemed like one hundred yards above me, was what I would describe as a giant sized stealth bomber. It was about three blocks long, about six blocks wide. It looked like a city gliding above me, it was silent, no noise.

That’s when I told Nephilim I had my own alien story, turn back to when I was in eighth grade, it was during summer break. One of my boys had a car, and we were just riding around causing trouble. One day we decided we were going to head up north to Dewey, Arizona a little farming town. I cannot recall how it all started or transgressed, the next thing you know we are being followed by these three orbs. It went from day to night as we were on our way up, all four of us were seeing the same thing.

Balls of light radiated above our heads, they looked like stop lights, except these were red, yellow, and blue. They were traveling behind us, we were tripping out because we’ve been smoking weed all day. We also had quite a bit of pot on us on our way up, we had over a half a pound on us of some quality work. The strain we had was called “Nuclear 19” and it was high grade shit. We were headed up north to sell it, we made more money selling it up there and then we’d turn around and come back to Phoenix.

In the midst of all this, these lights are illuminating our car, it was not blinding, we could look at it but it was only bright lights. There were four of us, two in the front of the car and two of us sitting in the back seat. We decide we are going to bury the weed, so we get off of the freeway on to this small dirt road in Dewey. We were going to bury our shit just incase these lights wanted to take our weed. Next thing you know, one of the lights is over us. I will never forget this shiny bright ball. I was staring at it and the next thing you know it opened up into three sections, it went from a ball into three diamonds. I’ve tried drawing it several times, but I just can’t mathematically figure out how it did this.

Now think of an ant farm, if we are the ants. When this thing opened up, it looked like a city, a whole community of aliens. It was crazy, they stopped to look down on us like we were the aliens, it was fucking crazy, I’m telling you. After that, I don’t remember. I’m not saying we were abducted, I don’t remember being probed. The next morning, we come back to reality. When we awoke, all four of us were in the vehicle, the windows were down and our heads are hanging out the windows. Our bodies are criss crossed with each other in pairs. We are all covered in a layer of dirt so is the car and the windshield, It looked like a helicopter had hovered over us.

My partner had to hit the windshield wipers to wipe off the dirt we all laughed at that. We had to be able to see to get out of there. We all discussed what we saw. We all agreed that we saw the orbs and the aliens. I hate saying the aliens because we can’t describe them. We agreed to never talk about it again not because we were scared but we didn’t want to look like idiots. Then when I met Nephilim and heard some of his stories, it made me open up. Like even here, I’ll never see these people again. I don’t gain nothing, I don’t benefit nothing, the only thing I gain is for other folks to open up and talk about something that’s happened to them.

Tolo: Did the UFO take off with the weed?

Person X: That’s the thing, we never looked for the weed, we never got the weed.

Tolo: You got space jacked homie.

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