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Revival Edibles

Satiate your senses with fruit forward flavors and decadent chocolates as you experience Arizona’s newest medible line, Revival Infused Edibles. Revival Infused Edibles is now available in select Arizona dispensaries.

Hana Meds, the team behind the award winning Love, Carissa brand, is the creator behind this wellness driven line, Revival Infused Edibles. Taking note of Love, Carissa’s celebrated flavor profiles and consistent dosing, Revival will be replacing Love, Carissa but will be adopting the same flower and kief infusion process to recreate the experience in a bold new way. Revival offers 11 sumptuous flavor combinations across its product line.

True to its origins, Revival will tempt your taste buds with its product variety. The brand has revitalized a patient favorite, transforming its delicate dark and milk chocolates into candy bar form. These gluten-free options are sultry and just the right amount of sweet. Creamy, velvety and potent, each chocolate bar contains a consistent dosing of 200 mg.

Made-from-scratch bakery items are a must try from Revival. The Premium Infused Brownies pack in 100 mg in each. The Revival chefs source Swiss Chocolate, European butter, and create 100% kief infused coconut oil for this rich treat. Revival has created a plant-based edible option with its Chocolate Chip Cookie. Gluten-free and vegan, this healthy option utilizes alternate ingredients including oat flour and coconut sugar, and almond milk.

For nostalgia, take a trip to the candy shop with Revival’s Gluten-Free lollipops and gummies. There are five different flavored lollipops, each infused with 40 mg. Choose from Raspberry, Strawberry, Watermelon, Cherry, and Wildberry. Each gummy pack comes with two different flavors. Try Cherry & Lime or the Orange & Pineapple varieties. The dual flavored 100 mg packs have 10 gummies each and each gummy has a consistent dosing of 10 mg.

Through the years, Hana Meds is renowned for growing several strains of flower, its thoughtful cultivation process, and from scratch, consistent dosing methods. The company also created Arizona’s original pre-roll brand, Dutchie. Revival Infused Edibles encapsulates the Hana Meds organic style growing methods for use of 100% flower in its products. Revival was developed by a team of chefs, and at the forefront, Chef Ethan Wuellner. Wuellner uses “old school” techniques to steadily infuse each edible that doesn’t sacrifice flavor. With high end resort and restaurant experience, chef’s distinguished pastry skills shine through in each of the edible options.

Revival Infused Edibles is now in select dispensaries across Arizona. Find the closest one by visiting Revival’s website. Give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and tag them wherever you’re enjoying this new line of edibles.

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