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Purple Apricot by Genesis Bioceuticals

Purple Apricot | ⅛ Pre-Packaged Genesis Bioceuticals | Jars Cannabis, New River

Very pleased with my findings of Genesis Bioceuticals, affordable price point, product presentation is good, product itself is quality from the look, smells, taste and clean burn. You won’t find crazy test results here, middle of the line. For me, that does not matter so much as the actual terpene profile which they have covered excellently. The Purple Apricot is a good all day hybrid. It does have an acquired taste that some do not like. Very enjoyable strain. By Kevin Vontesmar@MyRSOjourney.

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Kevin Vontesmar is a father and 2 time cancer patient. Kevin uses RSO as part of his cancer treatment plan and no longer uses any other medicines. Read about his experience and follow his journey on instagram.



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