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Project Packs | White RTZ

White RTZ

Project Packs | White RTZ

The White RTZ strain by Project Packs, originally from California, has made a notable entrance into the Arizona market. White RTZ combines Terphogz Skittlez genetics with the famed Gelato created by Sherbinski's Mario Guzman. Boasting a total cannabinoid content of 32%, with THC testing at 27%, this strain offers a potent experience. Despite its impressive numbers, the taste profile still stands out, providing a flavorful and enjoyable consumption experience. High THC content doesn't necessarily correlate with improved taste or quality of effects. Project Packs, as a touted boutique California brand, will have to prioritize a well-rounded experience rather than simply chasing high THC numbers. As they expand into Arizona facilities, enthusiasts can anticipate trying more strains from this brand, each offering a unique and carefully crafted experience. We look forward to exploring the variety and nuances of Project Packs' strains as they continue to establish themselves in the Arizona cannabis scene.

3.5g Jar



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