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Presidential Cannabis x Ball Family Farms | Daniel LaRusso

Daniel LaRusso

Presidential Cannabis x Ball Family Farms | Daniel LaRusso MoonRock Blunt

Lift off with the Presidential MoonRock Blunt, a distinctive blend of flower, distillate, and kief. This hemp-style blunt, weighing in at 1.5g, promises a slow-burning and potent smoke. Users can anticipate a robust garlic funk from the GMO blend and a potent jet fuel skunk aroma, exclusive to Ball Family Farms' contribution to this unique flower mix. Beyond its aroma, we experienced pain relief, heightened creativity, and deep relaxation. Presidential Cannabis takes pride in presenting these exceptional offerings in collaboration with Ball Family Farms, ensuring a premium experience for consumers in both CA and AZ retail markets.

1.5g MoonRock Blunt


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