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Potent Planet | Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree

Potent Planet | Cherry Tree

If you're seeking a cannabis strain that emphasizes quality over sheer potency, Cherry Tree from Potent Planet, available at Mint Dispensary in Arizona, is worth every token and every toke. Opening the jar releases a delightful burst of fruity and earthy aromas, the foreshadowing of the delightful experience to come. The buds are impeccably grown, showcasing the meticulous care that Potent Planet puts into their craft. Cherry Tree is a prime example of how a well-crafted cultivar can provide a rich and satisfying experience, even without sky-high THC levels. The smoothness of the smoke made each inhale a pleasure, and the overall experience was calm. Whether you're a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or someone looking for a more moderate THC option, Cherry Tree by Potent Planet is an excellent choice.

20% THC | 3.5g Jar


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