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Pot Brothers at Law | Interview

When you hear the phrase “Shut The Fuck Up” what’s the first the thing or situation you think of? I bet for most it’s not cops, your rights, or even pot. Well I’m talking about Pot Brothers, no not two brothers who sell weed. I’m talking about Pot Brothers at Law!

But before we dive into this very informative interview, let’s think back to a time you were cruising around and saw a cop pull in behind you. I get nervous even if I’m doing everything 100% by the book. Do you? Well the cop hits his lights and initiates a traffic stop. “SHIT” What next? Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty, you try like hell to remain calm, you rehearse what you’ll say, what you’ll do. We’ve most all been there in that horrible gut wrenching situation. Well I’ll tell you a few things. The cops are just people and we are too. We have rights and we have a duty to exercise them. So, to find out more about how Shutting The Fuck Up can save your ass if done right, I had to chat it up with Marc Wasserman from Pot Brothers at Law.

So what does Pot Brothers at Law mean and who are you?

We are Marc & Craig Wasserman, known as the POT BROTHERS AT LAW, California Attorneys handling all aspects of cannabis business licensing, compliance and regulations, as well as handling all criminal defense matters. Due to our social media presence with over one million followers across social media (and educational videos with over 800 million views) we have a World Wide Attorney Referral Network which helps connect people across the globe with good honest ethical attorneys. Most importantly, we teach people how to peacefully engage with law enforcement by using our 25 simple words known as THE SCRIPT©

So you all are attorneys? How long have you practiced law?

Big Brother (Craig) has been practicing since 1986 and Little Brother (Marc) since 1996.

What made you want to specialize in cannabis law/cases?

While Marc has been handling cannabis criminal cases helping patients since 1996 (when Prop 215 gave patients rights in California), it was Big Brother’s son/nephew (known in the Cannabis Industry as JCURES, owner of West Coast Cure) and his early interest in cultivating and helping seriously ill patients with cannabis. It was JCURES’s venture into the business of cannabis that spearheaded us into learning everything about the surrounding laws so we could properly advise and protect our family.

Marc Wasserman - Pot Brothers at Law

What is the hardest case you’ve taken on?

In terms of pure emotions, worry and everything else, it would be representing our son/nephew when he was popped for possession for sales back in 2014 when the laws in California said it was a Felony First and IF you were operating properly (which our son/nephew was) you had a solid defense. When a family member is facing multiple felonies and over 10 years in jail if convicted, it can be pretty nerve racking. Armed with a defense and knowledge that everything was done properly we ultimately got the case dismissed by allowing the cop to lie on the stand about the search that was conducted illegally. The cop actually said that our son/nephew SAID he had cannabis in the car. Like the son/nephew of the SHUT THE FUCK UP guys (as we are so affectionately called) would actually talk to the police. CASE DISMISSED and all cannabis was returned!!!

What’s the funniest cop interaction story you’ve heard or have dealt with?

Too many to count LOL! Actually, we once represented someone who was pulled over for a DUI and the cop was drunk. Go figure.

How long have you used cannabis for and what’s your favorite intake method?

Big Brother has been using cannabis for stress relief and anxiety for over 40 years. Little Brother has been at it for 30 and uses it for chronic back pain caused by years of break dancing in the 80s.

Craig Wasserman - Pot Brothers at Law

Are you all family guys? If so, how do you feel about normalizing cannabis and families like society has done with alcohol?

We both have families. Big Bro has 4 adult children and Little Bro has 3 (17, 12 and 8) and we have always told our children the truth about cannabis and we have always been responsible to keep it away like prescription medication and alcohol. It’s very important to teach your children about the benefits of cannabis. If you don’t, Johnny at school or on the corner will, and what they learn will be very different.

If someone gets pulled over and they’ve heard the phrase “Shut The Fuck Up” should they literally shut the fuck up or what should they say/do?


What states can you represent folks in? For those not in those areas how can they find legal help for cannabis cases?

We handle matters all over California. Anywhere else we have a World Wide Attorney Referral Network and can possibly refer clients to attorneys across the globe. 855 WASSLAW

You guys are amazing and truly appreciated. Is there anything else you’d like to add or teach?


The Script - Pot Brothers at Law

Well, the Pot Brothers at Law, need I say more? Well, ok I don’t but I want to. What amazing guys! They’re truly canna lawyer pioneers and have been oh so kind to teach and share the script with everyone willing to listen and learn. Education is a key factor in staying safe and understanding your rights. And with that being said I’m going to suggest to “Shut The Fuck Up” this holiday season with the cops and with some sweet merch.


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