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Portable Vaporizer by Dynavap

Portable Vaporizer Dynavap | Herb ’N Legends

So with all the tech and devices everyone now uses to consume cannabis products, when I hear about a vaporizer, I think electric. Most vaporizers you load with your cannabis flower press a button and wait for it to heat the material to a point of vaporization, not combustion. Dynavap has come out with an amazing vaporizer that requires nothing but a lighter. Looking very similar to a one hitter, there is a removable cap at the end which is where you load your material then place the cap back on. Once loaded, just get your lighter going (preferably from a small butane torch) and twirl the cap in the tip of the flame until you hear a click. That click is a bi-metallic thermostat on the inside letting you know it’s time to vape so just go ahead and start taking your hit. There will be another audible click once it cools down letting you know it’s ready to be vaped again, but be careful if you miss the click on the heat up or even heat too many times with the same material it will combust. I am still more of a fan of combustion, but for optimal flavor and for conservation, check this guy out as it only uses 0.1 grams – so definitely a good way to stretch your meds. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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