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Orange Cookies by The Superior

Orange Cookies | Freeze Dried Flower Superior | The Superior Dispensary

Another freeze dried selection from The Superior Dispensary was their Orange Cookies. I myself am a fan of citrus strains, so I was definitely excited to try this one. Again, the bud was fluffy, light and soft. Very easy to break down the freeze drying seems to do an excellent job of drying the buds. I was thoroughly impressed with this strain from Superior, not only because of the smell of fresh oranges with hints of grapefruit but because how those smells came through in the flavor department. Immediately upon inhalation the citrusy sweet flavor filled my mouth and crept down my lungs as I felt my eyes drop. Even though this Hybrid is an Indica dominant strain that gave me a nice relaxing feeling, it was milder while still having some uplifting effects. Perfect to sit down comfortably and relax but still get the creative juices flowing. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.



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