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Orange Cookies by Superior Extracts

Orange Cookies | Live Hash Rosin  The Superior | The Superior Dispensary

The Superior Dispensary has become my go to Dispensary for quality solventless products. I have always been a fan due to their in-house production of traditional hash such as beach sand, pressed and temple ball hash. The Hash Rosins and full melts have been what I have really been impressed by lately and this Orange Cookies was more than impressive. The smell was pure citrus and sweetness like a sugary tangerine with a tart hint of grapefruit. The flavor was phenomenal with the smell matching the flavor to a T on the inhale with a slight hint of lemon on the exhale – this was a uniquely tasty dab. The effects came on strong, being very uplifting for the mind but extremely relaxing for the body, almost a perfectly balanced hybrid. I have to say, this Orange Cookies is definitely my kind of dessert! Go stop by and check them out and tell them The Cannabis Cactus told you where the hash was. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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