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Nicole Bryant, Manager and Co Owner of Stinky’s Express Lube

Nicole’s Car Tip #1: Check your vehicle’s coolant levels regularly and always before a long trip.

Stinky’s Express Lube is one of our favorite cannabis friendly businesses in the state of Arizona. With two super locations in Tempe and Mesa, we are also proud to announce that Stinky’s is one of our favorite female owned and operated businesses in AZ. Since the Tempe location has blown up over the past couple of years, owner James has turned over the keys to his daughter Nicole, who has been managing the business full time.

I sat down with Stinky’s Express Lube co-owner, Nicole Bryant, to talk about her family’s business expansion and what moving into the automotive world is like for her.

Nicole’s Car Tip #2: Change your oil regularly when recommended by the car manufacturer. 

Nicole started working in the family business at age 16, which came as a slight shock when she entered the workshop. Auto shops can be dirty and greasy, but Stinky’s makes a point to enhance every service with a few refined touches. For example, Stinky’s Express Lube has a comfortable waiting room with many antique car displays to look at, along with cold drinks and free popcorn for customers. At checkout, Nicole gives each customer a fresh carnation flower to take home.

Nicole manages the boys at Stinky’s, which includes her brother Doug. Together, they run one of the busiest auto lube shops in the east valley. Nicole helped her family start the first shop on Country Club & Guadalupe back in 2012. When the current location on Hardy & McClintock became available they jumped on it and never looked back. Now Nicole is running the bustling Tempe location, while her father spends more time expanding the new Mesa location. She is very comfortable in the workshop and so personable with all kinds of customers. It feels great to support a cannabis friendly, family owned & operated establishment instead of a corporate oil change place. Stinky’s guarantees their work and always goes the extra mile to make customers feel happy.

Nicole’s Car Tip #3: Check your tire pressure because inflation can fluctuate between seasons.

In her free time, Nicole enjoys jam skating at the skate park or the roller rink with friends. I’m not sure where Jam Skating originated but I can remember skating in the early 90’s and seeing some of the moves used today. Search Jam Skating on You Tube to see what the movement has evolved into today. Nicole uses cannabis after work only and enjoys smoking flowers and the occasional dab. She loves a nicely rolled joint.

Smoking vessel of choice: a cute joint.

Head over to Stinky’s, in Tempe, today and say hello to Nicole Bryant. Stinky’s Express Lube hours are Monday through Friday from 8am-6pm and Saturday from 8am-5pm. As always, you may bring your dog along or mention Cannabis Cactus Magazine for $5 off any service.

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Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.


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