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Nature’s Medicines New MMJ Delivery Service

NEW MMJ Delivery Service: Nature’s Medicines

Nature’s Medicines is launching its medical marijuana delivery service in the Phoenix metro area. No need to involve a third party service to get your meds!

You may be thinking, “But, I don’t want to pay delivery fees,” and during this economic situation, you wouldn’t be crazy for it. Nature’s Medicines makes it right – delivery is free on orders over $80. No need to pay a third party delivery fee.

Why Delivery Service?

More delivery means less work for the patient. It will save time, stress, and not to mention, allow you to avoid unnecessary contact with crowds.

Not all MMJ patients are created equal. Cannabis is used to treat a wide variety of physical and psychological ailments, and not all patients are physically or mentally able to make a personal visit to the dispensary.

In the past, a home-bound patient had to rely on a third party delivery service to bring them medicine – resulting in extra costs and inferior medicine, as many delivery services are not handling the cannabis as they should.

Why not use a third party?

As you’ll read in this month’s “Shopping for Cannabis” report, dispensary operations and product handling directly affect the quality of the medicine purchased. By keeping your medicine in the hands of those who know how to handle it, you can confidently order your cannabis for delivery. Continue to shop with the people you trust.

Order online at, and or by calling toll free 833.356.3145. Remember, Nature’s Medicines Delivery service will be free for all orders over $80. Don’t miss out.

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Joseph Cassini is a writer and designer for The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He enjoys cooking, history, and smoking cannabis outside of the city.


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