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MPX x Alien Labs | Gelonade + Gas Pedal Diamond Infused Pre-roll

MPX x Alien Labs | Gelonade + Gas Pedal

The Gelonade Diamond Infused Roll by MPX is a masterful blend that combines Gelonade flower from Alien Labs with MPX's Gas Pedal live resin. The outcome? A potent 34% THC, 1g pre-roll that delivers a robust and intense experience. Available at Health for Life locations throughout Arizona, savvy consumers should keep an eye out for special sales to maximize both price and value. While the product impresses in many aspects, offering delightful effects and aromatic notes, one area of improvement could be the consistency of the RAW cone's burn, which occasionally tends to be uneven. However, this minor drawback aside, the Gelonade Diamond Infused Roll stands out for its potency and flavor profile, making it a noteworthy choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a powerful and flavorful experience.

MPX Diamond Infused Pre-Roll 1g


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