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Microbes and Microphones Ep.2: Streptomyces lydicus

Anthony: Hello ladies and germs, thanks for joining us on Microbes and Microphones. Today we have a unique lady in the studio and her name is Streptomyces lydicus. How are you doing today?

Lydi: I’m fabulous and I go by the name Lydi for short.

Anthony: Alright thank you for being our guest Lydi. Now it says here that you are a bacteria species but you have the functions and capabilities of a fungi? What’s up with that, it sounds like you’re a fungi.

Lydi: Well, let me be clear I identify as bacteria. Just because I may look like and have the functions of a fungi does not mean I am a fungi. Got it?

Anthony: I read you loud and clear, no disrespect. So what makes you so special, how do you help out the cannabis plant?

Lydi: I would like to think I help the cannabis plant on many different levels. First, I live in the rhizosphere, a very hostile environment surrounding the root system. This is one of the most important sites for the cannabis plant. It’s where all of the nutrients and minerals are absorbed.

When it’s too crowded, I produce some of the best antibiotics and antifungal compounds around. This clears the area so the plant doesn’t have to compete for food. I can take my time and break down the organic matter in the soil. Once the organic matter is decomposed into sludge, what’s leftover is a buffet of nutrients. We are talking about everything: nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and many more.

When my antifungal compounds aren’t enough, I can create enzymes specifically designed to destroy pathogenic fungi.

Those nasty fellows like Fusarium, Pythium cause a number of different diseases like root rot and the dreaded powdery mildew (PM). My enzymes target their cell walls and rip out the insides. Yeah, I’m cruel like that but you gotta do what you gotta do to protect your house.

Anthony: That’s right, we can’t have those jokers in the garden, they’ll destroy everything. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.

Lydi: Not only that, they try to spread out everywhere, they think they own the place. It’s very competitive down in roots and there’s always a high demand for space. I’m well adapted to life beneath the soil. Naturally, I’m a food scavenger, using mycelium to find and transport nutrients back to the plant, one of my many fungi like properties.

I can pretty much make a meal out of anything, even phosphorus which is basically a rock. Once I encounter a phosphorus containing nutrient source, my mycelium then surrounds it. From there I’ll produce an organic acid to change the pH surrounding the phosphorus, transforming it into a form that can be utilized by the plant.

The plants love phosphorus, it helps develop and load the flowers with sweet sticky buds.

Anthony: Oh yeah, now you’re talking. Speaking of flowers, what’s that smell? Like it’s about to rain or something.

Lydi: Oh that’s my family, it let’s me know when they are dying off. I wouldn’t call it an alarm system or anything like that, but something has been disrupted in the system.

Anthony: Alright, I have a few more questions before we wrap it up here. What is your favorite strain of cannabis?

Lydi: Hmmm, I really like OG Cheese. Something funky and smelly. It makes the world move a little slower for me.

Anthony: Would you be open to having a reunion interview with all of the guests on Microbes and Microphones?

Lydi: Oh that’s not a problem, just let me know. If you send me an invitation I’ll R.S.V.P., I got something really earthy that I would love to share with the group.

Anthony: Any last thing you would like to say to our listeners?

Lydi: Take care of the earth and plant some more trees.

Anthony: That’s all folks, you have heard it straight from Streptomyces lydicus AKA Lydi. Thanks for joining us, catch you guys next time. Microbes and Microphones out.

HyKreations is a Scientific Solutions company offering Microbials, Fertilizers, Consulting, and Writing Services. HyKreations is located in Goodyear, AZ and can be reached at: 602-527-5678 (Derex) or 602-527-3767 (Anthony). Check out their website, visit their Facebook page, and give them a follow and a like on Instagram.


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