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Meet the Family of Paraphernalia Boutique

Every city has its fair share of smoke shops but Phoenix is truly a mecca for heady glass and smoking accessories.  Within the greater Phoenix area there are only a few great head shops who feature local Arizona glass and quality American made products. These businesses host live events in their shops and give back to the community in many ways.  This month, we want to recognize the outstanding original AZ head shop Paraphernalia Boutique. They have been serving the valley since 1976 with locally sourced sturdy goods for the smoking culture. Paraphernalia Boutique boasts one of the largest 4/20 events which always features a huge raffle, live music, local art, and free munchies! You can always find tons of AZ glass, the latest heady tech and incredible personal customer service for each guest.  

The owner, Chris (who goes by C-Mo), signs onto his Instagram stories most mornings (@paraphernaliawestceo) with his now infamous catch phrase, “Hello out there to all you dabbers, tokers, rippers, and rollers!” and then proceeds to give his viewers some positive affirmations for the day while providing behind the scenes exclusives on products and events. The store manager Courtney welcomes every single person into the store with a cold bottle of water and a smile.  Every single customer gets offered a cold bottle of water which they say is a great way to start off any conversation and potential sale. Dustin is a passionate and knowledgeable resource in the Arizona glass scene and plays an active role as PB’s Creative Director for social media including the shop Instagram @pbaz420. He is a great person to shop with because he provides a friendly introduction to new smokers and expert assistance to the seasoned smoker. Pablo has been working at Paraphernalia Boutique for over a decade while Breonna, Shmo, and Zach round out the sales staff you will see most days around the shop.

One thing our AZ smoke shop owners take pride in is selling American and Arizona created products.  Glass pipes, bongs and bangers range from affordable to one off designs that are rare and pricey. Paraphernalia Boutique supports glass artists from around the state including names like Hicdogg, Brian Jacobson, Glassfinger Studios and so many others.  This retail link to the local 420 community puts food on the table for these glass artists while shaping a locally grown economy. Our efforts to support independent businesses and artists help keep big corporations out of our hazy bubble!

Don’t miss your chance to sign up for the biggest 420 raffle in the valley.  Arizona smoke shops give more prizes on 4/20 than any market I have ever seen and PB leads the pack by giving away thousands in merchandise each year.  Raffle tickets are $2 each and this years prizes include a Puffco Peak, a Blazy Susan spinning rolling tray and over $3,000 more in prizes!

The Puffco Peak is the world’s first smart-rig and is considered the iPhone of electronic dabbers.  It’s set up like a cone dab rig and the traditional banger is replaced with a silicone covered ceramic bowl that heats and distributes the vapor through the water pipe like a traditional dab rig.  And to my delight, it actually works without compromising flavor or burning terps! I’m always skeptical of new technology that it will burn my concentrates or waste them during the heating process.  The PuffCo Peak delivers a clean hit without any hesitation or learning curve. Anyone new to concentrates can dab confidently with this device and the taste is as close to a traditional dab as you can find in an electronic product.  It doesn’t overheat the concentrate or leave any chazzed residue in the chamber. I recommend loading about 5 hits at a time to keep from affecting the taste and efficiency. The PuffCo Peak retails for $379 if you don’t want to wait for the 4/21 raffle.  

Blazy Susan is a new line of products from Denver, Colorado that has been featured on many national TV shows for its innovative design and classy packaging.  Blazy Susan makes beautiful pink rolling papers as well as a unique spinning rolling tray. The company’s slogan is “Take your coffee table back!” and they feature innovative products to refine any type of smoking session.  I have only seen the Blazy Susan pink rolling papers at Paraphernalia Boutique so far. PB does a great job of tracking down the latest and greatest smoking accessories and sharing the love with the Arizona smoking culture.

The 420 event festivities start at 4:20pm on Saturday April 21st and the raffle winners are drawn at 10:00pm.  Tickets are $2 each and get 1 free when you buy 5. Other giveaways, sales, and specials will be happening throughout the three day weekend (4/20, 4/21, 4/22).  Don’t miss your chance to win and more importantly, don’t miss this chance to meet the crew of Paraphernalia Boutique. They are hosting additional events such as a Mario Kart tournament featuring store prizes for the winners.  Check out @pbaz420 on Instagram or for additional store events.  This type of community interaction makes Phoenix head shops special compared to any other city I have ever visited.  Thank you Paraphernalia Boutique for your continued service in our cannabis community and congratulations on celebrating 42 years of service to the AZ smoking scene!

Ask for the Cactus discount anytime this month.  Hint, it’s $5 off any purchase of $25 or more.

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