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Meet Chris Martin of Hempful Farms

Owner of Hempful Farms Cafe & Paw Puddy Pet Products

Chris has been at the mercy of the judicial system for most of his life. Growing up and navigating life in group foster care had enough obstacles, but then society piled on the pressure by deeming him a criminal. In 1995, Chris was arrested as a college baseball player, in Yavapai County, for having a joint in his possession. Fast forward 20 years and Chris was deemed a historical felon for making and distributing cannabis candy bars. According to the state, he was manufacturing narcotics which resulted in a lengthy trial and eventually prison time. While he was fighting this case, he needed to keep his business going. This is when he was introduced to CBD oil and realized he could continue making hemp medicine without breaking the law. Chris and his wife Andi developed a line of lotions and balms laced with quality CBD to help both people and pets. They are available online and in Hempful Farms stores. Check out PawPuddy pet products for the full line of CBD animal treats.

Hempful Farms also features a cafe where they serve scratch made omelettes, sandwiches, frozen yogurts and incredible iced cinnamon rolls. Their entire menu is made from health conscious ingredients like almond flour and hemp seed. They make vegan and gluten free options that will please any palate. The frozen yogurt made with hemp milk and fresh fruit is worth the trip on a hot summer day. Hempful farms also offers fresh juices, smoothies and lemonades made fresh every day.

Chris Martin started cooking as a foster child growing up in group homes. David Alvarado was a case worker for Chris whose family owned a restaurant in town. He would pick Chris up on the weekends and take him to work in the restaurant. Some kids are good at music or drawing pictures but Chris excelled in the kitchen. He developed Crohn’s disease and was very limited on what food he could eat. This is where his love for alternative healthy ingredients and recipes started. He also has a cookbook called Convicted Creations that started as a joke in prison. The pages are filled with crafty prison recipes compiled from his fellow inmates over the years. They found ways to make Mexican, Chinese and American gourmet dishes from behind bars. He even features an ice cream recipe that is tumbled in the dryer. It’s all fun and creativity but it’s born out of necessity. Chris fights hard for people imprisoned for nonviolent crimes and especially those who are locked up for possession of a healing plant.


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