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MAC Live Resin by Glorious Extracts

MAC | Live Resin Glorious Extracts | Nirvana Center

Although MAC does not carry my preferred terpene profile, I still love the way the smell of earth, gas and rubber blend on this strain but I must say this MAC was a bit different. The MAC, which stands for Miracle Alien Cookies, from Glorious has to be by far one of the sweetest smelling and tasting MACs I have ever had the pleasure of consuming. The expected profile of earth gas and rubber was there but the sweetness was undeniable. The sweetness in the smell transferred over to the flavor blending with those rubber undertones very well. The effects were strong and relaxing but not sedative. I found this option was good for any time of the day. I definitely recommend you try some if you ever have the chance. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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