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MAC 1 by OG Zonka

The MAC, Miracle Alien Cookies, from OG Zonka has been an amazing medicine. The relief gained from these heavy indica vibes is unmatched; I am able to sink into my bed to rest or I can be social with friends. I also find myself working well on this strain, with focus and productivity not usually seen in Indica leaning flower. The bowl is left with white ash, and a pleasant smell of candy and spice. The thick, dense buds give a strong coffee with pine and fuel scent that develops chocolate with citrus notes when smoked. The OG Zonka cut of MAC has a high amount of limonene and pinene that really highlight this strain as a one of a kind flower that will impress you! As someone who suffers from chronic pain caused by a birth defect, I can’t always hide my discomfort. I can help it by medicating with this strain, and it would be a strain I’d recommend to those in need of heavy pain relief. Look for MAC on the shelves, and hope you can find it before the miracles sell out! Reviewed by Adrian Ryan.

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