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LOKEE | J Snuffer & Arc Lighter

J Snuffer & Arc Lighter

LOKEE | J Snuffer & Arc Lighter

Rarely does an accessory brand catch our eyes with classy designs that are also easy on the pocketbook. LOKEE specializes in simple, engineered cannabis accessories that are inexpensive and functional. Here's a couple affordable ideas for gifts that we love. The LOKEE J Snuffer is a great way to save the remaining flavor of a half joint for only $5. Another simple but thoughtful prop, the Arclighter has a chromatic holograph face emblazoned with the LOKEE face logo and a sleek battery light display on the side. The LOKEE Arclighter is a stylish way to spark smokables in public. Visit to shop gifts, and receive 15% off with Cannabis Cactus coupon code CC15. Remember to keep it LOKEE!

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