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Lobo Cannagars

Ever since I started covering the luxury cannagar space I’ve tasted some pretty lush cannagars like the Xiaolin Cannagar from Colorado. It’s really hard to determine the one that I enjoy the most, since the top of the house can be a very busy place. All have been intellectually amusing. The THC heavy, composite cannagars, for example like Lobo, which I discovered in Portland, Oregon, are the most exciting for my edification and passion. Although you shouldn’t just seek out these examples. 

But first, what is a cannagar? In earlier articles, I’ve discussed some of the various forms of cannagars. For me, all I want are the ones with natural rice paper wrappers. What does this mean? Well, quite simply a natural wrapper doesn’t have tobacco in it. Most of these cannagars, like the Packwood’s variety, are just too sweet or sometimes too harsh for my palate. Also, why would you want to roll high end cannabis flower in a wrapper that is both tobacco based and tastes like sugary sweet, tropical fruit punch? That’s not for me.

And while you’re at it, have you noticed all the added sugar in Cognac? I like things a lot less sweet. (Fifty grams of added sugar is not uncommon…)

It wasn’t until very recent that I accepted the flavor of a hemp wrapper as part of the cannagar business. Natural. Keep it simple. The first Lobo that I smoked was a tightly rolled, natural cannabis leaf wrapper cannagar. It was pretty small in stature, but it was pressed beautifully and this Lobo cannagar lasted me for almost a month. Not lit of course, but I would stretch the cannagar by only taking a couple hits off it per day and then using a cigar cutter to always have a fresh end to light.

I thought immediately that the Lobo was a quality product, memorable in every way, and I had to find these toothsome wonders again.

Entrepreneurs in the cannabis space seem to find each other, and meeting Aaron Raskin, who is the co-founder of Lobo Cannagars with Eduardo Whittington, was no exception. I was pleasantly surprised when he showed up on my radar in my backyard, New York City to be exact, and even more surprised when our circles became even larger with fine cultivars as our thirst.

Two quick tasting notes: Rustica. This is the modern version of what they were smoking in the Spaghetti Westerns, you know the Italian made, Spanish shot Western shoot-em-up movies of the 1960’s and 70’s. Instead of being filled with tobacco, the Rustica cannagars come filled with the finest flower and cannabis extracts that money and dreams can fashion. A dark wrapper made from hemp brings deep enlightenment, it’s not harsh at all on my throat. The pleasure-seeking rip is gorgeous coming across your body in waves, all at once, very impressive. Then their thirty-two gauge cannagar was perfect in their entry level cannagar category. Clouds of dense smoke weave dreams out of perfectly cured flowers, swirling around your consciousness and dipping deeply into the dream-time. Lobo Cannagars are specifically designed for humor and robust intellectualism. They stimulate conversation and create inner dreams of their own. With a cigar cutter, I made this perfectly crafted hand-held work of art last and last.

Pro tip? Save the precious clippings, and then put them in your cannabis pipe and smoke them!

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Warren Bobrow is the CEO of Klaus Apothicaire, a 6x Author, Chef, Barman, Cannabis Alchemist, Master Mixologist. Some of his cannabis awards include: SXSW Cannabis Disruptor 2018, Berlin Bar Convent-Cannabis, and Moscow Bar Show-Master Class-Rum. He is the author of Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, and Tonics, Available in Indie Bookstores, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indigo Books. See his cannabis creations on instagram.



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