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Lit Glass & Vapes

Heady… What does heady mean? When I first heard the term, it was geared more towards high end glass, but now I think the best way to describe it is a way of life. I’m sure most know it all started with pipes and bongs being sold and traded as art because, well, pipes and bongs were considered paraphernalia and illegal almost everywhere. But what seems to be most popular in the Heady scene today are dab rigs along with dab tools, carb caps and bangers. Personally, I have a fascination with terp pearls. I’m not quite sure where my love for Heady glass started, but it grew quickly, especially since all these Heady items seem to need their own accessories and tools such as temp gauges, cleaning solutions, etc. Being here in AZ, there is definitely no shortage of shops carrying some really nice Heady art and accessories, but when I went back home to Chicago for a while, that was just not the case and I found myself on a Heady Hunt.

With Arizona being home to artists such as Hendy, HicDogg, Frostysfresh and so many more it makes sense that a lot of local shops carry local art. Walking into shops in Illinois, mainly throughout the Chicagoland area, was like taking a step through a time machine, a lot of lower quality Chinese glass, acrylic tubes, and cheap incense. The nice glass that I did find were spoon pipes or CCG hammers and bubblers. Maybe the quality of the art in these Illinois shops is because of the lack of local artists. When I think about it, there are only a couple glass artists I can think of from Illinois: Ghost Glass and Smart Glass, or maybe it’s just because the dab scene just isn’t that big. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are some connoisseurs and Heady collectors, but nowhere near as many as here in Arizona. High quality extracts are hard to find and barely any American glass in head shops. Although it was difficult, I did end up finding a couple shops worth mentioning and if you are ever in Chicago, you should definitely swing by and check them out.

Lit Glass & Vapes

This shop isn’t in Chicago but in the Northern Suburb of Morton Grove, Illinois. Lit Glass and Vapes, owned by Ankeedo – a professional MMA fighter, has only been open 2.5 years and began with the goal of “bringing the dopest Heady Glass Gallery to Chicago” and I must say the vibe is definitely Heady. Priding themselves in their local blowers, they do carry a variety of amazing art from many artists. They are also the only shop in Illinois that carries art from our friend and AZ local Frostysfresh. As you all may know, we have done a couple events with Frostysfresh, so being able to see in person how far his work has gone and how many fans he has in Chicago was pretty cool and is actually how I found Lit Glass and Vapes. Speaking with the owner, he let me know they still have a lot more to grow in this never ending industry and will always provide quality with the most knowledgeable and friendly customer service you can find. Definitely your go to shop on the Northside of Chicago and northern burbs.

So as I said, Heady is more of a way of life. Rigs don’t function without quartz bangers, quartz bangers need carb caps, carb caps that spin pearls are cool, cool pearls look even better. Then, obviously, you want to treat your stuff with care and keep it organized, so you might get a heat gun or terpometer to get the perfect temps and prevent chazzing the banger. With some stands for your tools and caps, before you know it, it’s a whole little collection and both Smoking Buddha and Lit Glass and Vapes have everything you need. So, if you’re ever in The Windy City, North or South, check these spots out and tell them that The Cannabis Cactus sent you.


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